Ferrari FF: The “Fastest” Four Seater In The World

Ferrari FF

Ferrari the world’s strongest brand, makes great cars and that is why they have such brand power. The Ferrari FF is a rethink and an unorthodox car as it takes up a different direction altogether.  The main highlight of this car is that it has four wheel drive. Ferrari have dubbed it the “fastest” four seater in the world. However, let’s see how other automakers like Audi, Rolls Royce, Mercedes AMG respond.

The History

The Ferrari FF was made in 2011 as a replacement for the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti grand tourer. It is an amazing grand tourer that is moulded into a shooting-break bodystyle. A shooting-break body is where features of a coupe and a station wagon are combined to make a sporty variant. Of interest the shooting-break style has gone through a revolution, and is making some kind of renaissance in recent years.

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Maserati GranTurismo: Maserati’s Biggest Boy Thus Far

Maserati GranTurismo

The Maserati GranTurismo is currently the biggest car in the Italian automaker’s roster. However, this is for the time being until the Levante SUV arrives. Now this is a good looking machine that comes in two body styles as either a four seat coupe or a convertible. Maserati has the likes of Mario Balotelli to attest to the exclusivity of its cars.

The History

The GranTurismo first appeared in the Geneva Motor Show of 2007. It was based of the Maserati Birdcage 75th concept car.

The Variants

The GranTurismo has different models available:

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Mazda 3: Mazda Leading Compact Surprise

Mazda 3

When you think of compact cars you think of the great car manufacturers that practice and perfect their craft in the nation of the Rising Sun. Subaru, Honda and of course Mazda are just some of the great car makers in Japan. Mazda like most Japanese automakers makes great compact sedans that are closest thing to automotive reliability and affordability.

The History

The Mazda 3 was introduced as a replacement for the Familia/322/Protegé. It was received warmly by critics, where they gave favourable reviews. Most reviews were basically impressed with the car’s performance attributes as well as it efficacy. The first car was based of the Ford C1 platform which is shared by Ford Focus and the Volvo S40.

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The Jaguar XF: Pioneering Jaguar’s New Direction

Jaguar XF

Before Jaguar launched the Jaguar XF, the modus operandi was to make slight alterations to their design which meant over time the car would retain a single designing dimension. This car pre 2007 may have been at home at your father or grandfather’s heydays. Ian Callum’s dramatic rework in 2007, spelled the transition to newer and fresher ideas.

The History

In 2007 the Jaguar XF was made to replace the Jaguar S-Type. The XF was unveiled in that year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Most of its design elements were borrowed from the C-XF concept that had been on display in the North American Auto Show in January the same year.

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Subaru Impreza: The Car That Tries To Impress Ya

subaru impreza sti

When it comes to compacts, one of the popular names you are likely to hear is the Subaru Impreza. Now, this car has some of the motor world believing that it’s a safe bet rather than a nervy gutsy gamble. Well, the Impreza will impress you if you are looking for a car that makes sense economically, is reliable and spacious. Now this is a great compact car, especially its renowned WRX variant which has many rally fans purring. The WRX is the high performance version of the Impreza. The compact is sold as either a 4 door sedan or as a 5 door hatchback.

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Honda Civic (2016): Honda Doing Its Civic Duty

Honda Civic

We all know the Accord as a benchmark of reliability and cost effectiveness, now meets its smaller more compact sized brother the Honda Civic. Sandwiched somewhere between the Honda Fit and the Accord, the Civic does its best to standout. This is a top tier car that is two steps above the Ford Focus and a level or two behind the Mazda 3. Honda know how to deliver cars that are cost efficient, durable and reliable throughout.

A Top Seller

Automakers make cars so that they can sell them they don’t make cars so that they can gather dust at the dealers. Churning up numbers is what the Civic is used to, having sold 16.5 million cars by 2006. In North America and in particular the USA and Canada it has had immense success. This is due to the fact that almost half the cars have been sold there.

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Mazda RX-8: The Rotary Advocator

Mazda RX-8

This is truly a wonderful sports car that had its life clipped at the bud as emission regulations took their toll. Well, we love our environment and we must do everything possible to make sure that we leave it in the best condition for our progeny. However, my feelings are a bit ambivalent when you hear a car like the Mazda RX-8 has gone into “production extinction,” because of tighter conservative regulations. However, if there is a car heaven out there where the classic Beetle is parked next to the vintage Porsche 911, then we all can rest assured the RX-8 will be taking it easy as a resident there.

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Mazda Mazda 6: Strikes a Cord After The Accord

Mazda 6

The Asian automakers seem to have this class, wrapped around their fingers. The Asian domination has gobbled up the family car class where brands like Hyundai, Kia, Mazda and Toyota make headlines. After the Accord the car that follows is the Mazda 6. The Mazda 6 is also known as the Mazda Atenza in China and Japan. The Mazda has many merits that Asian automakers only know how to make.

The History

Mazda 6 had its nameplate emblazoned for the first time on a vehicle’s chassis back in 2002. It replaced the Mazda Capella/616-626, where it expounded on the company’s new design philosophy Stylish, Insightful, and Spirited. It did this to many rave reviews, accolades and awards.

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Maserati Ghibli: The Car That is Named After a Desert Wind

maserati ghibli

When you find yourself competing against BMW or Mercedes no matter the niche you are in, you simply have to bring your A game. The Maserati Ghibli is a great car no doubt but compared to its rivals the Audi S6, BMW M5 and the Mercedes Benz E 63 S, it’s still lagging way behind.

The Maserati Ghibli is a brand of three Maserati cars which feature different engine specs. For the Ghibli you have the option of either a grand tourer, a coupé and an executive saloon.

What’s In a Name?

It’s not often that a luxury car decides to get its name from Africa, however the Italians in this case gave the car the name Ghibli. Ghibli is named after a desert wind in Libya.

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Ford Focus: The American International Bestseller

Ford Focus RS

When it comes to American cars with a worldwide appeal, there is only one name that comes to mind that is the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus is a two wheel drive that is grouped as a compact car. This car is to be found in the same class with the Volkswagen Beatle and the Toyota Corolla which are coincidentally bestsellers too.


The Ford Focus was minted out in 1998, where it replaced the Ford Laser and the Ford Escort. The car was made to compete with the Corolla’s impressive sales. 2012, was a great year for Ford where the Focus became the bestselling nameplate ahead of the Corolla.

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