Mercedes GLC: Compact Luxury Never Looked So Good

Mercedes GLC

It seems that the crossover market has become even more lucrative of late, with crossover sales eclipsing those of sedans last year in America. Thus, getting a proper foothold in this segment is of the upmost importance for any carmaker that considers itself a big player. Mercedes is as big as they come, and they rightfully couldn’t sit idly as rivals like BMW and Audi made forays with the X3 and Q5 respectively for a bigger share of the crossover market. Thus, the Mercedes GLC is Diamler’s answer to its native based rivals.

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Smart Fortwo: A Smart Little Car

Smart Fortwo

Smart is a subsidiary of the Benz owning Diamler AG. The name Smart is derived from its earlier cooperation between Mercedes and Swatch, whereby it stands for Swatch Mercedes ART. Headquartered in Boblingen, Germany Smart has assembly plants in Hambach, France and Novo Mesto, Slovenia. Smart makes two compact cars that is Fortwo and Forfour. The Smart Fortwo has been successful reaching 1.7 million units by early 2015, while being marketed in 46 countries. The Fourtwo is manufactured exclusively in Smartville in Hambach France, which had a major renovation that cost € 200 million in time for the 2014 new generation of the Fourtwo.

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Ford Ranger: The Wonders of a Facelift

Ford Ranger

Today, the competitive pickup market is booming with the likes of the L200 and Navarra enjoying the limelight. In an ever fast paced changing market the Ford Ranger realizes that all it takes is a few years before any model is outdated with the automotive industry facing the greatest innovative time in its history. With trucks like the Hilux having new versions with better upgrades, it’s only right that the Ranger keeps up. The Ranger is immensely reliable with great engines powering it. As for it being a class leader there may be a little doubt about that.

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Honda Pilot: Another SUV Success Story

Honda Pilot

If you are thinking of moving many people at one go every other time than you can go for a minivan or a SUV. A great SUV for picking up a group of people is the Honda Pilot. Chiefly made for the American market it’s hard to deny the overwhelming success this SUV has enjoyed over the past couple of years. Looking more like an Acura than a Honda, the Pilot has a lot of great features to dispense. Coincidentally, as for its looks this could be because it has the Odyssey underpinnings, while sharing a platform with the Acura MDX.

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Peugeot 208: The Individualistic Supermini

Peugeot 208

France’s major automakers apart from Bugatti, seem to have an affinity for making superminis. Considering their size these cars have favourable production costs. Most cities world over seem to be littered with these cars. There is a mass uptake of them as they are considerably more affordable than their bigger counterparts. I guess it’s a small world and as such we need small cars. Competing with the Clio from France is the Peugeot 208. Peugeot has a great reputation for reliability. And no doubt that the 208 is another reliable offering from the “lion.”

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Acura NSX: Japanese Car, American Engineers

Acura NSX
Acura as a brand has been experiencing a somewhat decline in recent years. People aren’t excited as they used to be. Acura have been quick to notice this and they seem to be working from top to bottom to fix this perception. The Acura NSX expresses the mood and mindset of the Japanese automaker now. This mid-engine hypercar is a statement by them that they are still here and that they still make great cars.

What’s In a Name?

If you are wondering NSX stands for “New Sporstcar eXperimental.” However, with the second generation NSX now means “New Sports eXperience.”This supercar is marketed in North America as the Acura NSX and as the Honda NSX in the rest of the world.

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Mercedes GLA: Mercedes Entry Level SUV

Mercedes GLA

It seems all the top German automakers watched keenly as BMW made their first SUV the X5, which became an overwhelming success. Then BMW went on and made the X1 as their entry level SUV. Other automakers had to respond and Mercedes Benz in particular weren’t to be left behind. So the guys at Diamler came up with the Mercedes Benz GLA, it is supposed to be the “cheapest” Mercedes SUV you can buy.

What’s In a Name?

“GL” is the nomenclature employed by Diamler to name its SUVs. The “G” stands for geländewagen (off-road vehicle German), while the “L” acts as a link. Finally, in the case for the GLA, the “A” represents the SUV equivalent of A-Class.

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SEAT Leon: Take a SEAT on Spanish Gold


Considering Spain is the largest producer of cars, it’s only fair that it also has its own marque. SEAT if you are wondering is a Spanish based automaker with a big reputation, especially after it joined the Volkswagen Group. It is available worldwide with over 500,000 units being produced yearly. SEAT seats pretty as the top automobile automaker in its native Spain. It’s the only automaker in its country that is able to and has the infrastructure to make its own cars in house. Today, the SEAT Leon is the most important model it produces. It’s meant as a cheaper sportier alternative to the Volkswagen Golf. However, this car has surpassed the Golf with its latest model, careful there not to outshine the master.

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Volkswagen Golf: The Best Hatch Ever

Volkswagen Golf

Before I knew much about cars I thought the Volkswagen Beetle was the bestselling car from the German automaker. However, upon further research I discovered that honour is firmly rested on the Volkswagen Golf’s shoulders. It’s the second bestselling car model of all time while reaching 29 million units in 2012. It’s funny that the people’s car Volkswagen decided to name one of their cars with a not so people’s sport golf. This five door hatch is a class leader and should be considered by anyone serious about getting a compact sedan.

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Opel Astra: The Kadett Graduates

Opel Astra

When you are looking for a family hatch there are the usual culprits Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf. However the Opel Astra has curved itself into this category. Being part of the GM family, the car is rebadged in different markets. It is known as the Vauxhall Astra in the UK and as the Buick Verano Hatch. As for the Australian market it has endured a checkered history, but it’s finally available with the new 2015 launch as the Holden Astra. The Opel Astra is held in high esteem and is considered a class leading 5-door family hatch.

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