Audi A4: A Spirited Effort of Motor Technology

Audi A4

When it comes to entry level luxury sedans, buyers are spoilt with choice from Mercedes Benz C-Class to Jaguar XE. The question in a busy car market is which vehicle would be perfect for you to drive in? Well, all the cars in this category are quite luxurious and have their advantages. However, this year’s Audi A4 seems to be making a case for being the undisputed best car in its category.

The Audi A4 started production in 1994, and the current version of the A4 is the B9, which was revealed in this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Achilles Heel for the Audi A4 has always been its handling, and feel, where rivals such as the 7-Series and the Jaguar XE have made their niche. The handling this time has been improved however it still feels automated rather than hands on.

Audi’s 2016 A4 comes in two body styles that is Saloon and Avant. It retains its classic design, however with a few tweaks, which have helped it shade of 120 kgs over its previous model. Also, the car has been able to get 25mm longer and 10mm wider than its predecessor, meaning that you get more legroom.

Audi A4

The 2016 Audi A4’s powertrain option feature four TDi diesel and three TFSI petrol engines. Managing to produce a range of 150 – 272 hp. You’ll be able to get what you want whether its fuel economy or performance. The most powerful of this engines is the 272 hp 3 L V6 diesel. This engine is the only one which comes with the German automaker’s tiptronic gearbox. With this diesel engine you are able to accelerate 0 – 62 mph in a paltry 5.3 seconds. Also the engine comes with 600 Nm, which makes it perfect for long cruises.

For your gearbox you have the 6-speed manual that is standard for the 2.0 L engines. If you have extra cash you can be fitted with Audi’s 7-speed auto. The autos weren’t such a great choice in the past, however today’s automatic transmission has upped the ante, and gives a whole new feel to the performance of your car. The A4 isn’t an exception to this and its best advised you pay the extra cash for the auto.

An austere exterior greats you when you walk towards this car. The headlights and taillights are all LED. Audi’s marketing slogan is “Vorsprung durch Technik,” which is German for “Advancement through Technology.” Now taking a look at this Audi’s interior this marketing slogan rings true. When it comes to technology the Audi interior is stacked to the core. The A4 easily edges out its rivals with its premium interior. It has a great virtual cockpit and touchscreen display that sets it apart from its rivals. Taking mobility even further you can use your Android or iOS smartphone to control and configure your car as you will. The cabin has been made even more sound proof. This means when you are cruising at top speeds you won’t hear the restless wind blowing past the car.

This is a great car, and it starts from around £ 25,900.

Do you believe that this car is its class leader or do you think that is just sensationalism? Have your say leave a comment.

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