Audi A7: Four-Door Coupes, It’s a German Thing

Audi A7

Okay, when it comes to four door coupes we don’t have as many options as compared to other auto segments. Each option offers its own perks, but the Audi A7 is something truly special. This is a really special car that contends to be at the top of its class. Rivalling the A7, are all German exports Porsche Panamera, BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe and the Mercedes CLS-Class, however facing such esteemed competition, the A7 really holds its own.

The History

Back in the 2009 Detroit Auto Show the Audi Sportback concept was unveiled, and it had the underpinnings of the A7. Later in 2010, the production version was first unveiled in Pinakothek der Moderne art museum in Munich and then at that year’s Paris Motor Show. It was based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform. This time the A7 was released before the A6 sedan, which was unconventional.

Moving on to 2011 the A7 got its S version the S7. The S7 was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show and at the 2012 Audi Quattro Cup. As for its performance version the RS 7, it debuted later in the 2013 North American International Auto Show. The A7 then went on to have a facelift in 2015, where it received tweaks to both its interior and exterior design.

The Variants

The A7 does come in a number of trims:

  • A7 FSI
  • A7 TFSI
  • A7 TDI
  • S7
  • RS 7

Audi A7

The Powertrain

Powering the whole A7 line is a range of V6 and V8 engines. The most powerful engine is the 4L twin turbo V8 petrol, which belongs to the RS 7 which cranks up 552 bhp and 700 Nm of torque. It manages the shortest time of 3.9 seconds accelerating 0-100 km/h. As for the most powerful diesel it is the 3.0L TDI Quattro twin-turbo V6 which produces 309 bhp and 650 Nm of torque. It makes the 0-100 km/h dash in 5.3 seconds. For transmission you’ll have to contend with 7-speed dual clutch CVT and 8-speed ZF auto.


Seating inside the A7’s cabin you have to think that this has to be one of the best interior’s in its class. As with any Audi, it’s loaded up with tech, fine finishes and exquisite leather upholstery


We have Audi’s classic horseshoe grille in full force here. The matrix LED headlights have been shaped to make the front look really aggressive. This is a really beautiful car, and will definitely be a head turner.

Our Verdict

There is an argument in the automotive world, if four-door coupes should be considered as coupes at all. I believe that with anything in art or design it evolves and the two door coupe has evolved to four doors. Entering an A7 you’ll definitely feel you are entering a coupe rather than a sedan. This is a magnificent car made to seat you in comfort and luxury. Another added advantage is that it drives extremely well. Finally, the A7 can be considered a work of art as it’s quite a sight from every angle.

Pricing of the Audi A7 starts at $ 68,800.

Class-leading or are there any other more emphatic four-door coupes in the market. Have your say, leave a comment.

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