Audi Q3: Silence is Golden

Audi Q3

If you like the Q5 or Q7 then you already know about the Q3. Think of it as a more miniature sized SUV offering from Audi. With Audi you are always assured quality design and of course loads of technology, and the Audi Q3 doesn’t fall short of this.

The History

The Audi Q3 first appeared as the Audi Cross Coupe Quattro, which was unveiled in the 2007 Shanghai Motor Show. It was designed by Julian Hoenig a year earlier, and his design was approved and scheduled for development by the board in the latter half of 2007. Later in 2009 Hoenig’s design was frozen and chosen for production. The first and current generation of the Q3 was then released in the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show.  Later in June 2011 the Q3 went on sale.

In 2012 a concept of the performance version of the Q3, which was christened as the Audi RS Q3, was released at the Auto China held in Beijing. After the concept, the production version of the Q3 RS made its debut in the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Later in 2014, the Q3 received a minor facelift, with the engines seemingly receiving improvements in either efficiency, performance or both.

The Variants

The Q3 comes in two trims in the American market:

  • Premium Plus
  • Prestige

As for the European market the Q3 is available in three trims:

  • SE
  • S Line Nav
  • S Line Plus

Apart from the trims of the standard production Q3, there is the RS version, which is its performance model.

Audi Q3

The Powertrain

Powering the Q3 is a set of four cylinder engines for the regular trims and a range of a single five cylinder engine, which powers the performance-oriented Q3 RS. The most powerful petrol engine for the regular Q3 is the 2L four turbo that manages to give out 217 hp and 350 N·m of torque. When it comes to diesel, the most powerful engine is the 2L four cylinder turbo common rail engine that produces 181 hp and 380 N·m of max torque. However, if you are looking for the most powerful engine it belongs to RS. The RS is solely dependent on petrol engine variants of a 2.5L turbo straight five engine. The most powerful variant churns out 362 hp and a torque of 465 N N·m.

As a standard the Audi Q3 comes as a front wheel drive or if you prefer you can choose the optional Quattro four wheel drive. For transmission you can either pick a 6-speed manual, 6-speed auto, 6-speed S tronic or 7-speed S tronic depending on the model.

The Interior

Audi is always going to be about the tech, but sadly the interior feels a little dated. However, a silent cabin that boasts the best materials isn’t going to leave you disappointed.

The Exterior

Basically, I have nothing much to say about the exterior, I like the grille. However, the Q3 sometimes feels more like a sedan than a SUV, which makes it rather tame.

Our Verdict

To be honest, the Q3 isn’t going to feature in your list if you are thinking efficiency, speed or affordability. However, if you are looking for a cabin that is going to be the most silent, or a ride that will be the smoothest than the Q3 is going to be the first on your list. Overall, the Q3 is an excellent car especially if you are looking at comfort, luxury and tech.

If you are thinking of buying the Q3 you’ll have to budget from $ 33,700.

Compared to other rivals like the Mercedes Benz GLA, do you feel the Q3 is a class leader when it comes to its tech? Have your say, leave a comment.

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