Audi S8 Plus: The Ultimate Getaway Car

Audi S8 Plus

The Audi S8 is a highly tuned performance version of the A8. This is similar to BMW M, where the top performance car of a series gets an M. It first reared its bonnet to the world in 1996. It is manufactured exclusively in Audi’s Neckersulm plant and is only available as a short wheelbase vehicle.

The standard S8 has been received warmly by auto enthusiasts everywhere, even starring in movies such as Transporter Refuelled and Ronin. This car is the ultimate gateway car or at least that is how the movies paint it. When you are thinking of a sedan that is geared to performance the Audi S8 has to be the first on your list, it’s that good believe me.

Audi have usually given the Plus to R versions of its cars. Actually, the R8 Plus is a good place to start. The Plus stands for the crème de la crème of an Audi model.

The buzz of the regular S8 hasn’t died down yet, however it seems Audi isn’t taking any chances with its undeniable lead in this motor segment of high performance sedans. The S8 Plus gets its power from a slightly tweaked 4 L, twin-turbo, TFSI engine. It has added 85 hp on the standard S8. 605 hp makes it nowhere near its other rivals BMW and Mercedes AMG series. However, the car is quite efficient with its power, and accelerates a lot faster than its counterparts going 0 – 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. However, 3.8 seconds is conservative considering Car and Driver clocked 3.6 seconds on the regular S8. The car is able to churn out 553 lb-ft of torque which is a 72 lb-ft improvement on the standard S8. Audi attributes this improvements to better engine management, revised geometry for the turbocharger and modified exhaust valves. The fastest you can go on the S8 is 155 mph. However, you can remove the electronic limiter and go as fast as 189.5 mph.

Audi S8 Plus

Audi uses the Quattro all-wheel drive system on all its S8. The car’s handling has received rave reviews. For transmission you have an 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox. For your suspension you get adaptive air suspension and 21-inch wheels just to give that extra handling. Other features are a sport exhaust system, carbon-ceramic brakes and Audi’s Matrix LED headlights.

The interior remains almost the same as the A8. Where it is packed with the latest technology and bespoke upholstery to make it worthwhile in the cabin. The interior is basically the same as the A8.

It’s yet to be confirmed if the Audi S8 Plus will be available in the US market, however it will be selling for around $ 158,200 in Europe.

Do you believe there isn’t a better high performance sedan out there or do you have one in mind? Have your say and leave a comment.

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