Bentayga: Bentley Decides to Re-Invent The SUV


Bentley are famed for their great and luxurious models, however they aren’t known for making SUVs. They say that they felt there was a gap in the market for a truly luxurious SUV. When it comes to SUVs it suicidal to build a car only for show, Bentley have taken heed of this, and have built the most powerful SUV as they put it.

The Bentayga gets its name from the Taiga snow rain forest that encompasses the Northern Hemisphere where it traverses a number of countries including Russia, Japan and Canada. Further inspiration for the name was derived from the Roque Bentayga which is located in the Canary Islands.

Claiming to have built the most powerful SUV with your first model in this category is by far a bold statement by all means. However, with the W-12 engine manufactured by its Parent Company VW, the Bentayga achieves 600 hp, giving it a total acceleration of 0-60 mph in 4 seconds or 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds. With this much power the Bentayga is able to reach a maximum top speed of 187 mph (301 km/h). The team at Bentley have put the Bentayga under some serious tests in some rugged terrains in Northern Spain. Bentley has side they plan to have a diesel and hybrid version of the SUV.


Bentley’s SUV has evolved, it first appeared in 2012 at the Geneva Motor show as the EXP 9 F. EXP mind you stands for experiment. To be honest the EXP 9 F looks like a Range Rover with a Bentley grille. Fast forward to today and the eventual design looks uniquely Bentley-esque. The Bentayga has shaved off the rough edges of its EXP 9F concept, while exuding a deceiving look that may suggest it’s a smaller car than it really is. The car was designed through the 1960s inspirational work of Op Art pioneer Bridget Riley. Op Art stands for optical art where the aim is to create an illusion through art.

When it comes to interior there are fewer automakers out there that do it better than Bentley. You can take a look at the Continental and Mulsanne, as prime examples. Veneered wood and leather go hand in hand to make the interior look marvelous. Of great importance is that you can get any of 15 shades of veneered wood.

Apart from your standard interior you are able to have more customization through Bentley’s extra-care Mulliner division. You are able to access a hamper set that includes everything you’ll need for your picnic or al fresco dining. However, the greatest offering from this division is the Mulliner Tourbillon, which is a customized clock made by Brietling. The amazing thing about this clock is that it is completely wound by the car. From diamonds, to white gold you name it you have complete customization over your clock. Also, they are made in limited numbers to retain their exclusivity.

This car will be available from the dealerships in mid-2016 with a starting price tag of a hefty $ 229,100.

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