BMW 7-Series (2016): Seventh Heaven Luxury in a Sedan

BMW 7-Series 2016

When it comes to full-sized luxury sedan automaker, you have to go with a German brand. That means you can go with an Audi, Mercedes Benz and of course a Bimmer. The BMW 7-Series like its competitors is all about unparalleled luxury and exclusivity.

The 7-Series doesn’t get an M version. This is because these cars are set to be the ultimate sedans in BMW’s roster. You can’t go higher in luxury and innovative technology if you are getting a BMW sedan. These cars carry the latest technology, luxury and motor innovation, which are then applied to the simpler models BMW has. Thus, if you take a look at the 7-Series you are able to take a look into the future of the other series.

The BMW 7-Series started to rollout in 1977 and the 2016 model will be its sixth generation. The latest model has been named as the G11/G12, where G11 is the short wheelbase and the G12 is the long wheelbase. The 7-Series vis-à-vis S-Class are only going to be selling their long wheelbase versions in the American market.

If you are clueless to what the wheelbase is, it is the distance between the center of the rear wheels to the center of the front wheels. The long wheelbase tend to have more stability, smoother rides and more legroom, while the short wheelbase are better at handling. The long wheelbase versions have an i at the end like 750i or 740i, instead of the customary L.

Continuing in the same vein as of its competing counterparts the 2016 7-Series has an austere exterior that is in stark contrast with the stockpile of technology and luxury in its interior. However, most reviews are quite belated by its technology, however they are mixed when it comes to handling. However, what most people are raving about is its Sport mode.

BMW 7-Series 2016

Powering the BMW 7-Series hopefully to success at the dealers is the seemingly unchanged twin-turbo 4.4 L V8. Other powertrain options come from the modular B-series engine architecture, where you are able to choose between two 3.0 L inline-six engines in either diesel or petrol, or 2.0 L inline-four engine for the 740e hybrid model. These variety of engines produce 320 – 445 hp. Each of these powertrain options will be accompanied by 8-speed automatic transmission that is able to link with the satellite navigation system.

Now that we know what is under the hood, we have to take a look at the car’s interior, where the technology is striking. Speaking of tech, we must start at the iDrive that now incorporates a touchscreen. The great thing about iDrive is the Gesture Control, where you point to select items turn your finger clockwise or anticlockwise to increase your volume etc. A camera is placed at the rearview mirror and recognizes 5 hand gestures. This will be really great for fat cat slouches that can’t even turn their head without the greatest effort.

A great feature for the driver is how the car drives itself in traffic jams as long as you don’t take your hands of the steering wheel. Apart from this the car can also park itself. This could be great as you alight from your car while it looks for parking space. After you are done with whichever business you had, you come back to the parking lot and ask, “Now where did I park my car?” Maybe it won’t be such a bad idea if they could also add a feature that removes your car out of parking and fetches you.

To own one of the BMW 7-Series you’ll have to be willing to part with a starting price of $ 81,300.

What do you think of the technology inside the BMW 7-Series, is it the top luxury sedan technology wise? Have your say leave a comment.

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