Cadillac Escalade: The SUV King of Bling

Cadillac Escalade

Well, if you’ve listened to rap through the 2000s, then you know the icon that is the Cadillac Escalade. Most of the rappers that were on MTV Cribs had one of these on their garage. It wasn’t just rappers who popularized this car, as car videogames like Midnight Club had them on their cover. Literally, it got free marketing from diverse mediums. All in all the Escalade is about the luxury and its larger than life mantra. This SUV has to be thee most indulgent SUV in the market. It does this unapologetic, and it is a way for anyone to make their presence felt.

What’s In a Name?

The name Escalade comes from a military tactic that employs a siege tactic where defensive walls are scaled using ladders or siege towers.

The History

When a car is rushed in development few will ever bet on it being a success, however such is the tale of the Cadillac Escalade. In 1998 there was a growing fear that the Lincoln Navigator was about to strangle the full luxury SUV market. Taking no chances to be left behind Cadillac began work on the Escalade, which was rushed and was at the dealer in 10 months. It was essentially a rebadged GMC Yukon Denali, however later it adopted its own identity.

The Current Model

Currently, we are on the fourth generation of the Escalade. It was unveiled at glitzy event in New York October, 2013, nearly a month after GM had unveiled SUVs from Chevrolet and GMC. At the event it was launched together with the Escalade ESV.

Cadillac Escalade ESV

The Variants

You can own one of these Escalade variants:

  • Standard
  • Luxury Collection
  • Premium Collection
  • Platinum

The Powertrain

The Escalade is powered by a majestic 6.2 L V8 engine that manages to produce 420 hp with 460 lb-ft. It is coupled with an 8-speed auto. The Escalade is a rear wheel drive with the option of all-wheel drive.

The Interior

Cadillac have really gone out of their way when it comes to the interior. Comfortable heated seats have been tastefully sewn up, with all the trims and cuts in the right places. Also, the cabin has been given all the latest in technology. You’ll also be ecstatic to know that the Escalade comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Finally, if all that doesn’t register anything with you, the Head Up Display will surely have you feeling like a military pilot flying a stealth jet.

The Exterior

The front fascia of this SUV has to be the biggest and opulent I’ve seen. This is the car that most custom making garages would like to get their hands on.

Our Verdict

Hip hop as a genre was all about the bling, flash and plush, however as time went on it mellowed down to a more mature sound. Today, hip hop is more self-aware and has developed into a more conscious dimension. The Escalade is still great and it wouldn’t just be the same without the bling, however it would be great to see if it started to feature changes that would give it a more mature image. As far as looks go this is the best SUV in the market, however it loses out due to its rather strenuous handling. If you are looking for an ego booster than this isn’t a bad car, however if you need a little more practicality when driving is concerned turn to a Range Rover.

To be on top of one of this kingly chariots you’ll have to make due with $ 72,970 for a start.

Is the Cadillac an era too late, or does it still retain relevance with the current braggadocio? Have your say, leave a comment.

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