Audi Q5: Old is Gold

Audi Q5

With the recent SUV crazed car buying consumers, it was only logical for automakers to have a larger catalogue of the crossovers they offered. Another company that has taken to this trend is Audi, who have a very large catalogue of SUVs all badged with a Q. One of its most recent entrant to this line is the Audi Q5, which is meant to compete with the likes of the Evoque and the Macan. Aging rather gracefully, the Q5 is expected to receive another facelift around the end of this year.

The History

Unveiled in the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Audi Cross Cabriolet quattro concept went on to have the underpinnings of the first and current generation of the Q5. This gave way to the production version of the Q5, which was launched at the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, and later in the 2008 LA Auto Show. Continuing to 2012, the Q5 received a facelift, which gave it a redesigned rear and front, with a new set of engines for improved power and efficiency. After the facelift, Audi debuted the S-version of the Q5 later in 2013, and it was known as the SQ5. Read More

Audi A7: Four-Door Coupes, It’s a German Thing

Audi A7

Okay, when it comes to four door coupes we don’t have as many options as compared to other auto segments. Each option offers its own perks, but the Audi A7 is something truly special. This is a really special car that contends to be at the top of its class. Rivalling the A7, are all German exports Porsche Panamera, BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe and the Mercedes CLS-Class, however facing such esteemed competition, the A7 really holds its own.

The History

Back in the 2009 Detroit Auto Show the Audi Sportback concept was unveiled, and it had the underpinnings of the A7. Later in 2010, the production version was first unveiled in Pinakothek der Moderne art museum in Munich and then at that year’s Paris Motor Show. It was based on the Volkswagen Group MLB platform. This time the A7 was released before the A6 sedan, which was unconventional. Read More

Audi TT: It’s a Tradition

Audi TT

Whenever you think of a coupe, the first car that comes to mind has to be a Porsche. Whether it be a 911 or a Cayman, Porsche seem to be the best coupe automaker in the world. However, oddly enough they find themselves competing with Audi who are also part of the Volkswagen Group conglomerate. The Audi TT is a great car and it seems to be getting better with each new generation. However, as with all coupes it finds itself competing with SUVs.

What’s in a Name?

The TT gets its name from the successful NSU racing tradition in the British Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) motorcycle race. NSU started to race back in 1911 and later in its history it merged into what we now know as Audi. The TT moniker also follows the NSU 1960s models 1000TT, 1200TT and TTS. First forwarding to today the TT is also known after the phrase “Technology & Tradition.” Read More

Audi Q3: Silence is Golden

Audi Q3

If you like the Q5 or Q7 then you already know about the Q3. Think of it as a more miniature sized SUV offering from Audi. With Audi you are always assured quality design and of course loads of technology, and the Audi Q3 doesn’t fall short of this.

The History

The Audi Q3 first appeared as the Audi Cross Coupe Quattro, which was unveiled in the 2007 Shanghai Motor Show. It was designed by Julian Hoenig a year earlier, and his design was approved and scheduled for development by the board in the latter half of 2007. Later in 2009 Hoenig’s design was frozen and chosen for production. The first and current generation of the Q3 was then released in the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show.  Later in June 2011 the Q3 went on sale. Read More

Audi Q7: Tech’d Out

Audi Q7

Being a movie buff myself, I couldn’t help but take a keen eye on the car chase of Captain America: Civil War. I liked the movie especially it proved that Ironman is smarter, faster and stronger than Captain America. My biases away, the car chase scene was great the Black Panther, Captain America and add our Q7 into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for an epic. The Q7 is the biggest SUV and most technologically advanced Audi that’s ever been made. The Q7 is available as either a seven-seat three-row crossover or a 5-seat SUV. Read More

Lexus LS: Toyota’s Take on Ultimate Luxury

Lexus LS

Toyota is a global brand but it suffers an image crisis when it wants to sell luxury or premium cars. The brand is known as a manufacturer of good reliable and cost effective cars which doesn’t entice clients that are interested in higher end cars. Exclusivity is what gives luxury brands their power. For Toyota they were faced with a conundrum and the Lexus was born a brand for which Toyota could express itself in a more extravagant manner. The first car to be made from the Japanese automaker was the Lexus LS, which was met with strong sales. Read More

Audi S8 Plus: The Ultimate Getaway Car

Audi S8 Plus

The Audi S8 is a highly tuned performance version of the A8. This is similar to BMW M, where the top performance car of a series gets an M. It first reared its bonnet to the world in 1996. It is manufactured exclusively in Audi’s Neckersulm plant and is only available as a short wheelbase vehicle.

The standard S8 has been received warmly by auto enthusiasts everywhere, even starring in movies such as Transporter Refuelled and Ronin. This car is the ultimate gateway car or at least that is how the movies paint it. When you are thinking of a sedan that is geared to performance the Audi S8 has to be the first on your list, it’s that good believe me. Read More

Audi A4: A Spirited Effort of Motor Technology

Audi A4

When it comes to entry level luxury sedans, buyers are spoilt with choice from Mercedes Benz C-Class to Jaguar XE. The question in a busy car market is which vehicle would be perfect for you to drive in? Well, all the cars in this category are quite luxurious and have their advantages. However, this year’s Audi A4 seems to be making a case for being the undisputed best car in its category.

The Audi A4 started production in 1994, and the current version of the A4 is the B9, which was revealed in this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Read More

Audi A8: The Current Reigning Best Full Luxury Sedan

Audi A8

If you have watched the Transporter 2 & 3 movies then you’ve seen the black sedan that Jason Statham is always running about with. Well friends that car is the Audi A8. The A8 series are like the S-Class for Mercedes or 7-Series for the BMW. These cars aren’t competing for performance, they are actually competing to be the most luxurious and exclusive sedan.

Currently the A8 seems to be the one to beat. It moves more agile than its competitors and it has some really bit of interesting technology on offer. I especially like the night vision camera that is connected to a screen fitted on your speedometer. Probably, Statham requested this feature so he could know who is shooting at him at night. To be at the pinnacle of luxury it takes effort, Audi should be impressed with themselves. However, to remain there is another matter altogether. Time will tell if the four ring marque will rule for decades to come. Read More