Bentley Flying Spur: Less is More

Flying Spur

Bentley is a name that is synonymous with luxury cars. The British automaker makes cars with one thing in mind and that is to make the outmost greatest and exclusive car in its bracket. There are two brands in Britain that exemplify executive car building that’s Rolls Royce and Bentley, with Jaguar and Aston Martin playing catch up. The automaker has the Continental to thank for its prominence, however the four seater Bentley Flying Spur which is a derived version of the coupe has been received with rave reviews and open arms by critics. Read More

Bentley Mulsanne: Time to Think Not Drive

Bentley Mulsanne Mulliner

I feel luxury cars don’t sell the drive, they sell the lifestyle. The Mulsanne is no different as it aims to create the car as a place for you to rest easy and draw up your next blueprint. With all the veneer and leather upholstery the Mulsanne manages to do just that.

The revived Mulsanne is Bentley’s flagship car. It has had two production cycles with the second still running to date. The first cycle was 1980 – 1992, while the current cycle has been there since 2010. It was named after the Mulsanne corner on the Le Mans racing course. The Mulsanne has had great success on the 24 hours of Le Mans races, winning six races. Read More

Bentley Continental GT (2016): The Ultimate Grand Tourer

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley has amassed huge admirers from all over the automotive world over the years and it’s easy to see why. Wherever there is the flying B motif on any grille you are sure to get not just a powerful drive but a comfortable one at that.

Bentley is famed for its collection of luxury cars, however they rewrote their rule book and put out the Continental GT as their first mass produced car. This car represensts a lot of firsts for Bentley as it is the car that made Bentley into a global brand. Also, this was the first car to be spurned out by Bentley in 2003 under Volkswagen AG, which acquired the British automaker in 1998. It is supposed to be the ‘down-market’ Bentley. However, with it costing hundreds of thousands then such a population can be found in a fabled utopia where everyone is wealthy. However, being mass produced you’d expect its value to diminish. However, if you do take the time to go through the car’s features you are still getting value for ‘money’ depending on your view for overpriced luxury items. Read More

Bentayga: Bentley Decides to Re-Invent The SUV


Bentley are famed for their great and luxurious models, however they aren’t known for making SUVs. They say that they felt there was a gap in the market for a truly luxurious SUV. When it comes to SUVs it suicidal to build a car only for show, Bentley have taken heed of this, and have built the most powerful SUV as they put it.

The Bentayga gets its name from the Taiga snow rain forest that encompasses the Northern Hemisphere where it traverses a number of countries including Russia, Japan and Canada. Further inspiration for the name was derived from the Roque Bentayga which is located in the Canary Islands. Read More