LAND SPEED RECORD (LSR): Who is Hot On The Trails of The Bloodhound SSC

Bloodhound SSC 2

Since the Thrust 2 back in 1984, Britain has held the Land Speed Record, this also includes the greatly immortalized Thrust SSC of 1997 which remains the current world beater. Thus, Britain has held the record for three decades now.

Another Golden Age?

This is a remarkable time where the land speed record is concerned. This is because there are number of competing teams that are each going for land speed glory. This is reminiscent of other golden ages especially in the 1930s and 1960s. Today, there are three continents each having a go at being the fastest. Read More

Bloodhound SSC: The Fastest Car Ever, And Its Got Three Engines

Bloodhound SSC

Time has been passing ever so swiftly as we wait for the fastest car ever made to hit the ground running. The Bloodhound SSC has suffered some delays, as it is by far is the most complicated car ever built. Every curve, bump, seam and edge has been designed to give it better balance while going beyond supersonic speeds.

The Team

On this occasion it seems like the same actors and the same script all over again. Those that are familiar with Richard Noble and Andy Green will be sure to remember the Thrust SSC project in 1997. Where Richard was the head of the project and Andy Green was the brave and daring pilot of the jet car. This arrangement remains the same with the Bloodhound SSC. Read More