BMW 5-Series: BMW’s 5th Symphony

BMW 5-Series

The BMW 5-Series has somewhat fallen down the pecking order, as it has lost some of the luster that made it such a hot commodity in days gone by. Especially, with new players like the Volvo S90 and Hyundai Genesis, BMW really needs to revamp the 5-Series or face the prospect of being phased out. However, this is the second bestselling BMW in the market and still the de facto go-to executive car for most. The 5-Series is incredibly important to BMW and it accounted for 50% of BMW’s profits in 2010. It is the second bestselling car from BMW after the 3-Series, and it reached the 5 million mark back in January, 2008. Read More

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BMW X3: The Old Guard Compact Luxury Crossover


Well, everything was moving all smoothly for the X3, till exotic car makers like Porsche and Lexus entered the fray. Cars like the Porsche Macan are really tearing down on X3’s claim to prominence in this segment. However, it’s funny that a car on its second generation can be considered as old. If age is a factor on this model, then it’s safe to say that the X3 is aging gracefully. Rather than cheating age by plastic surgery, the X3 seems to be doing it by having a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. Read More

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BMW i8: Eco-Friendly Has Never Looked So Good

BMW i8

The days that the notion that cars that are good for the environment are simply boring are over. Today, if you are concerned about the environment, you have a somewhat wide variety of exciting electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids to choose from. Cars like the Model S and BMW i8, are not the automotive version of eating your veggies, this cars come with a punch. The BMW i8 is a hybrid sports car that manages 30 mpg while producing superior performance. The way regulations are going it seems that soon the only cars that will be allowed on the road will be EVs and at the very least hybrids. Read More

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BMW X1: The Smallest Crossover From BMW


Crossovers seem the new golden goose for automakers everywhere. In America over 4 million crossovers were sold last year. This is a market that seems to be exploding in the auto industry. BMW exploded in the SUV scene with the X5 back in 1999. The X5 gave birth to the X line in BMW. The BMW X1 is the smallest crossover offered from the German automaker and can be considered as their entry level SUV.

The History

During the 2008 Paris Motor Show, a concept of the X1 was unveiled. Later, in the Frankfurt Motor Show of 2011 the X1 was officially unveiled. It was based on the BMW 3-serries sedan. Read More

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BMW X5: X Marks The Spot?


Well, if you watched any movie about seafaring pirates, there is usually a quest for treasure jotted down on a map. BMW will pat themselves on the back, as they’ll feel like pirates having successfully jumped on to a body style that wasn’t their forte. Now the X5 was the first SUV BMW ever made. They executed it brilliantly and have been at the top of this luxury mid-size SUV class. Well, X currently doesn’t mark the top spot for BMW, as the Cayenne have ran away with this. Seems Porsche have borrowed a leaf from BMW as the Cayenne is also their first SUV. Read More

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BMW 3-Series (2016): BMW’s Best-Selling Sports Sedan

BMW 3-Series

BMW couldn’t have put it much better, “Not all sports sedans are made equal.” Since the first model in 1975 the 3-series has been around for 40 decades. In this time it has become BMW’s bestselling model which accounts for 30 percent of BMW sales excluding motorcycles. The 3-Series is currently in its sixth generation which debuted in 2012. The current model is known as the F30.

The new re-tweak of mid-2015 has been too ward off competition of rivals like Audi A4 and Mercedes Benz C-Class. The 3-series usually feature five-body styles, however the latest edition is in 3 body styles. Where the convertible and coupe body styles have been shipped on to the 4-Series. The 3 body styles are a 4-door saloon, 5-door touring and 5-door hatchback. Read More

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BMW 7-Series (2016): Seventh Heaven Luxury in a Sedan

BMW 7-Series 2016

When it comes to full-sized luxury sedan automaker, you have to go with a German brand. That means you can go with an Audi, Mercedes Benz and of course a Bimmer. The BMW 7-Series like its competitors is all about unparalleled luxury and exclusivity.

The 7-Series doesn’t get an M version. This is because these cars are set to be the ultimate sedans in BMW’s roster. You can’t go higher in luxury and innovative technology if you are getting a BMW sedan. These cars carry the latest technology, luxury and motor innovation, which are then applied to the simpler models BMW has. Thus, if you take a look at the 7-Series you are able to take a look into the future of the other series. Read More

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BMW M5: The Baddest Wolf and Who’s The Lamb?


Automakers and their marketing ploys this days. BMW calls their latest M5 model the “baddest wolf” meaning the road is its lamb. Thus, every time the M5 roars it has devoured some lamb chops.

The elite team at BMW M Gmbh were initially started for BMW’s racing exploits, however later they started to make higher grade models. The M5 is a progeny of this proud tradition. This is the most exclusive car built to be heads and shoulders above its counterparts the 5 series.

The 5 series are known as mid-sized luxury cars that are fitted to either a sedan or grand touring chassis. Being the fifth generation model, the current M5 was unveiled in the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. It is based on its 5 series counterpart the F10, and succeeded its predecessor the E60 M5. Read More

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