Bugatti Chiron: Our New Leader is Here

Bugatti Chiron

If you know anything about cars than you know the French automaker Bugatti. I’ll go as far as to say that Bugatti is the most revered and respected automaker that is based in France. Yes, Renault and Volvo sell more volumes but there is no way you can compare a Renault Clio with a Bugatti. The fastest street legal car has a little more punch to it. Coming from the midst of the Veyron Legacy, the Bugatti Chiron seems to be on its way to cementing itself as a legendary speedster.

What’s In a Name?

This Bugatti got its name from Louis Chiron a Monegasque driver. Read More

Bugatti Chiron (2016): Ode to the Bugatti Veyron 16.4

Bugatti Chiron

(It’s important to note that there is an updated article of the Bugatti Chiron here) The Bugatti has a proud history when it comes to record breakings speeds. This time however, the scheduled release of the Bugatti Chiron is facing stiff competition from the Texas based Hennessey team with their Venom F5.

However, the Bugatti team aren’t too worried about John Hennessey and his team, as they’ve sold all the 450 Veyrons they’ve made. In other words Bugatti knows how to sell cars. The Venom GT is the first car the Hennessey team has made, and their marketing is to create differentiation of their niche with the Bugatti. They do away with the luxury, they are all about the speed. A mammoth task for the Hennessey team, is branding. Bugatti is a well-known global brand from powerful statesmen to rappers, they all know what a Bugatti is. However, ask some of them what a Hennessey is and you are sure to get conflicting answers. Another problem with Hennessey is the similarity of their name with ironically the French winemaker Hennessy. Thus, Hennessey is in direct competition with a French automaker and in indirect in competition with a French winemaker. Read More