Chrsyler 300: Chrsyler The Spartan Carmaker?

Chrysler 300

If you’ve watched the movie the 300, then you have seen the 300 Grecian Spartan army defeat legions of Persians, though in the end they fall. Now 300 is a number that could have rubbed some good fortune over Chrysler. The Chrysler 300 seems like the perfect elixir to heal the wounds of bankruptcy cycles the company seems to always go through. The car is sold in Europe as the Lancia Thema except for the UK and Ireland where it is known as the 300C.

The History

The current modern Chrysler 300, came to being back in 2003, where it was unveiled in that year’s New York Auto Show. It was meant to be a modern representation of the Chrysler C-300. It is Chrysler’s flagship full sized sedan. It was received with great reviews and sales. Read More