TurboCharged or Supercharged: Make The Distinction

Turbocharger vs Supercharger

In the car industry you are probably going to hear about both superchargers and turbochargers. Both have their hardened proselytizers who each have valid reasons.

First let us start off with their similarities, both are regarded as forced induction systems. They each compress air flowing into the engine cylinders where they can contribute to a raise of 50% intake of air producing 50% more power in the engine. However, it isn’t as efficient and you may experience roughly 30-40% more power.

Thus, both systems are for increasing power on your engine. Now, where the difference comes about is that each system is powered differently. Where the supercharger is hooked to the crankshaft of the car, while the turbocharger is connected to the exhaust stream. Ultimately, on this alone the turbocharger may be considered more efficient as it handles the exhaust waste and makes it into more power. Read More