Ford F-150: The Bestselling Car in America

Ford F-150

During the recent recession, automakers in America were facing some serious challenges. Bleak was their present circumstance and bleaker still was their impending future. There was only one thing to do and that was to ask the government to intervene. Ford was the exception to the rule as it braved through the economic turmoil and made it through. It wouldn’t have done this without the Ford F-150. This has been the bestselling car in America from 1981 and the bestselling pickup since 1977. Now, that is an incredible record. The F-150 light-duty truck is the most popular of the F-Series, which also includes, the Super Duty (F250 to F-550), and the medium-duty trucks Super Duty F-650 and F-750. Read More

Ford Mondeo: The World Car

Ford Mondeo

Meet the Ford Mondeo, a car meant for the world. Competing for its segment with the likes of the Accord and the Mazda 6, the Mondeo has curved a reputation for itself. It’s one of the cars that saved Ford in Europe

What’s in a Name?

Mondeo seems to draw its name from the French word monde which means world or fashionable world. The Mondeo is known as the Ford Fusion in the North American market.

The History

Development of the Mondeo started all the way back in 1986 and cost Ford an incredible $6 billion to design it. This is one of the biggest new car programs ever in the auto industry. The Mondeo was designed to be as a world car. It was codenamed as the CDW27. Another factor in its astronomical costs was that the Mondeo was a completely new design from its predecessor the Sierra. By the time it launched in 1992, Ford Europe was going through a tough time. At the time it had acquired a reputation of building its cars through accountants rather than engineers. The models at the time had poor handling and a less than impressive ride-quality. Thus, the Mondeo was do or die for Ford in Europe. Read More

Ford Ranger: The Wonders of a Facelift

Ford Ranger

Today, the competitive pickup market is booming with the likes of the L200 and Navarra enjoying the limelight. In an ever fast paced changing market the Ford Ranger realizes that all it takes is a few years before any model is outdated with the automotive industry facing the greatest innovative time in its history. With trucks like the Hilux having new versions with better upgrades, it’s only right that the Ranger keeps up. The Ranger is immensely reliable with great engines powering it. As for it being a class leader there may be a little doubt about that. Read More

Ford Fiesta: The Fun Supermini

Ford Fiesta

When an automaker decides to re-introduce a model, then you know that they have a gem. The Ford Fiesta was reintroduced to the American market in 2010. In the same year coinciding with the American launch it was released worldwide. This was after it had been removed back in 1980 where it made way for the Escort. The Fiesta is a top rated supermini, belonging only to the upper echelons of this class. Interestingly, it’s the smallest car Ford makes and it has a sedan variant.

The History

Ford developed the Fiesta under the project name “Bobcat,” which was approved by Henry Ford II in 1972. The approval coincided with the launch of the Fiat 127 and the Renault 5. Bobcat evolved to a final proposal inked by Tom Tjaarda at Ghia. The proposal went on to be approved for production later in 1973. After a couple of intended press leaks the Fiesta went on sale in 1976. Read More

Ford Focus: The American International Bestseller

Ford Focus RS

When it comes to American cars with a worldwide appeal, there is only one name that comes to mind that is the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus is a two wheel drive that is grouped as a compact car. This car is to be found in the same class with the Volkswagen Beatle and the Toyota Corolla which are coincidentally bestsellers too.


The Ford Focus was minted out in 1998, where it replaced the Ford Laser and the Ford Escort. The car was made to compete with the Corolla’s impressive sales. 2012, was a great year for Ford where the Focus became the bestselling nameplate ahead of the Corolla. Read More