Honda CR-V: The Civic Inspired SUV

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V has to be one of the pioneers in the compact SUV segment. It’s been growing great with age and has picked up a more premium dimension. Honda have added just enough premium to make it standout, but not to lead in that respect. The great part of this premium feel is that no sacrifice has been made to make the CR-V lose its identity. The Honda is a five-door, five-seat SUV that is hailed for its reliability and practicality.

What’s in a Name?

You may wonder what the CR-V stands for, depending on whom you ask you’ll get a different answer. If you go through Honda’s press info you’ll find that the “CR-V” stands for “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle,” while if you are in the UK going through its sales literature it is coined as “Compact Recreational Vehicle.” Apart from these official names there are others out there who refer to it as the “Civic Recreational Vehicle.” Read More

Honda Pilot: Another SUV Success Story

Honda Pilot

If you are thinking of moving many people at one go every other time than you can go for a minivan or a SUV. A great SUV for picking up a group of people is the Honda Pilot. Chiefly made for the American market it’s hard to deny the overwhelming success this SUV has enjoyed over the past couple of years. Looking more like an Acura than a Honda, the Pilot has a lot of great features to dispense. Coincidentally, as for its looks this could be because it has the Odyssey underpinnings, while sharing a platform with the Acura MDX. Read More

Honda Civic (2016): Honda Doing Its Civic Duty

Honda Civic

We all know the Accord as a benchmark of reliability and cost effectiveness, now meets its smaller more compact sized brother the Honda Civic. Sandwiched somewhere between the Honda Fit and the Accord, the Civic does its best to standout. This is a top tier car that is two steps above the Ford Focus and a level or two behind the Mazda 3. Honda know how to deliver cars that are cost efficient, durable and reliable throughout.

A Top Seller

Automakers make cars so that they can sell them they don’t make cars so that they can gather dust at the dealers. Churning up numbers is what the Civic is used to, having sold 16.5 million cars by 2006. In North America and in particular the USA and Canada it has had immense success. This is due to the fact that almost half the cars have been sold there. Read More

Honda Accord: The Car Every Family Ought To Have

honda accord sport sedan

A couple of my good friends have been vocal that they want articles on cars they can afford or take loans on. Thus, I usually start with the best car in any category. If you aren’t acquainted with compact sized sedans then meet their king the Honda Accord. This is a car that has a name for being reliable as ever with great fuel economy and lesser emissions.

The History

The car kicked off production in 1976 where it was launched as a hatchback. It remained a hatchback until 1981 where it was expanded to a wagon, sedan and coupé. Today, the Honda Accord line even features a crossover model that is known as the Honda Crosstourer. However, it is more famed for its sedan, and this is where we are going to focus on. The car sales have done well especially in the US where it was the bestselling Japanese car from 1982-1997. Also, the Honda Accord managed to top sales in its class in 1991 and 2001, with ten million cars sold. The current Honda Accord is the ninth generation, and it went on sale in 2013, while production started in 2012. Read More