Infiniti QX80: The Japanese Escalade

Infiniti QX80

Crossovers may be the new frontier, but the full-sized regular SUVs are the fortresses. The crossover bug has had the American people buying them in record numbers. However, interestingly the stalwarts of this class in general are the big fuel-guzzling SUVs. When it comes to crossovers the Asian automakers seemingly are prominent, however when we jump to the full-sized SUVs they oddly fade to the background. European and American exploits are what the Infiniti QX80 has to contend with. As for emulating the Escalade, this Infiniti isn’t really there yet but they are definitely close. Read More

Infiniti Q50: Ode to the Infiniti G

Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti G was held dear by motor fans. Sadly, the days of the G-Series have gone and in its place is the Q50. Now, the Q50 is a worthy replacement make no doubt about it. This compact executive sedan has been Infiniti’s bestselling model. Interestingly, Infiniti have tried to make automotive history by equipping the Q50 with direct adaptive steering which is an upgrade on electric power steering (EPS).

What’s In a Name?

The Q50 is known in Japan simply as the Skyline with no Nissan or Infiniti prefix, and is sold through Nissan dealers there. Read More