The Jaguar XF: Pioneering Jaguar’s New Direction

Jaguar XF

Before Jaguar launched the Jaguar XF, the modus operandi was to make slight alterations to their design which meant over time the car would retain a single designing dimension. This car pre 2007 may have been at home at your father or grandfather’s heydays. Ian Callum’s dramatic rework in 2007, spelled the transition to newer and fresher ideas.

The History

In 2007 the Jaguar XF was made to replace the Jaguar S-Type. The XF was unveiled in that year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Most of its design elements were borrowed from the C-XF concept that had been on display in the North American Auto Show in January the same year. Read More

Jaguar XJ (2016): The Royal Chariot

Jaguar XJ

Apart from the German brands in this segment Audi, BMW and Mercedes Benz, you have a British option in the Jaguar XJ. Jaguar is a stellar automaker undoubtedly, however it seems like the brand is in transition as it lags behind the popular German brands. Chris Knapman a columnist of the Telegraph couldn’t have said it any better on his review of the Jaguar XJ that in some aspects “Jaguar’s biggest car is a good three years behind what the Germans are doing.”

The car’s top attribute is a double-edged sword in the sense it’s fun to drive it, however the firm suspension makes it a rather uncomfortable ride if you are seated back-left. Considering this is one of the official cars of the British Prime Minister and royal family, Jaguar needs to understand that luxury cars are for those driven at the back. Read More

Jaguar XE: Watch Out BMW, Audi and Diamler your Competitor is Here

Jaguar XE

Cars sometimes are like fashion where what’s hot today becomes cliché tomorrow. Cars are no different they can’t rely on past successes or awards to guarantee the modern day motor shopper’s brand loyalty. The BMW 3-Series like the Audi A4 have found themselves in a quandary, as their clients have become quite blatantly bored. They aren’t making bad cars mind you, however the Jaguar XE has stepped in with something different. However, two to three years down the line, Jaguar will find itself in a similar situation, let’s see how they respond. Read More