Land Rover Discovery: Meet Project Jay

Land Rover Discovery

Let me say that out of all the full sized SUVs I really have fallen for the Discovery and its smaller sibling the Discovery Sport. This car is from the late eighties which is another golden age generation after the sixties. With any car that goes as far back, it’s bound to be faced with stiffer competition with every year that goes by. However, its formula of success hasn’t changed and this is a serious offroader. Whether you need to wade through rough terrain or the surburbs you are sure that the Discovery won’t let you down. Read More

Land Rover Defender: The British Jeep

Land Rover Defender

America has the Jeep, while the British not to be outdone have the Land Rover Defender. Well, I guess it defends her Majesty’s pride more than anything else really. Land Rover is undisputedly a great automaker so much that it claimed in 1992 that 70 percent of the cars they’d made are still on the road. This a great car that is exemplified by its longevity, so it’s sad that last year 2015 December, was the end of our current Defender The last Defender made its way out the factory this year 2016 in January. Some will be sad and a little nostalgic as the new Defender will shade its classic look as it gets a new design. Read More

Range Rover Evoque: The SUV That Belongs In The City

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

When it comes to SUVs their off road capabilities are always going to be lauded. This however doesn’t extend to their engineering aspects, where there are some who feel that they are impious to CO2 emissions. Apart from emissions some feel that they do not express effective engineering as they are oversized and retain their bulk more for show then for any engineering goals. The Range Rover Evoque is a conscientious approach by Land Rover to meet emission regulations while having a broader appeal to the urban community in a compact sized AWD SUV. Read More

Range Rover Sport SVR 2015: Go Off Road in a Sporty Way

Range Rover Sport SVR 2015

Land Rover’s Range Rover has always been the best SUV having won a plethora of awards, since its first model in 1970.

Attitudes towards SUVs are quite mixed. Some are okay with them being used on off road assignments, however they feel that currently SUVs are used mostly on asphalt, where they significantly pollute the environment unlike regular sedans. Another group is opposed to SUVs as they see them as bulky and badly engineered. My perspective on the first group is; oil is soon going to run out soon, thus let the natural forces of attrition take care of the cars (all cars). As for engineering, people don’t buy poorly engineered or greatly engineered cars, they simply buy what they like or can afford. Before you paint me as an evangelist of SUVs, I am just saying you can’t please everyone, but for us motor fans just give us great design, power, comfort and luxury, and will proselytize your chassis to everyone. Read More