McLaren 570S: The People’s McLaren

McLaren 570S

Sportscars aren’t in the reach of everybody, rather they are in the reach of the rich, pan intended. The funny thing is the McLaren 570S still feels like a bargain. Porsche and Ferrari should be worried about what the 570S is trying to do. McLaren seem to be riding on the legacy of the F1, to rather great success. However, looking at models like the 570S, McLaren definitely mean business. The 570S belongs to McLaren’s sport series which are its entry level supercars. McLaren has big expectations for the 570S as they predict it will triple the company’s sales volume by 2020. Read More

McLaren P1: Ode To The McLaren F1

 McLaren P1

Any car that follows after the McLaren F1 is sure to have a tough act to follow. The McLaren P1 hasn’t been feted as the fastest car in the planet as the F1 did in 93’. However, the P1 believe it or not, is an improvement on the F1.

The P1 which was made in 2013 which is over two-decades after its predecessor, has taken its time to be a great super car. The car has a V8 3.8L twin-turbo engine that produces 903 bhp, where you get 606 bhp/tonne. Reaching a top speed of 247 mph the P1 eclipses the F1’s 240.1 mph record. However, the P1 has an electronic limiter that ensures that it doesn’t surpass 217 mph. The P1 is even a lot faster at getting into its top speeds, as it goes 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds, in 6.8 seconds it goes 0 to 124 mph and in 16.5 seconds it goes 0 to 186 mph . This makes it 5.5 seconds  faster than its predecessor. However, as fast as it is these are quite minimal gains, especially when we have Venoms and Veyron 16.4s running amuck. It is quite disappointing that McLaren took two whole decades and even couldn’t achieve a tenner difference in their top speeds. Read More