Mercedes Benz G-Class: Attention Please

Mercedes Benz G-Class

When you are looking for a serious off-roader there are a few notable picks. We have the Land Rover Defender, the Jeep Wrangler and finally the Mercedes Benz G-Class. The G-Wagen as it is popular known features the same rugged box shape that is the hallmark of serious off roaders. The car is manufactured in Austria by Magna Steyr, which was formerly known as the Steyr-Daimler-Puch. With this in mind the G-Wagen is sold under the Puch name in select markets as the Puch G.

What’s in a Name?

The G-Class is sometimes referred to as the G-Wagen, which is short for the German word Gelandewagen which means “cross country vehicle.” Read More

Mercedes GLS: The Best SUV Out There

Mercedes GLS

Full sized SUVs were thought to be on the wane and on their way out of the market. Probably, with the mass intake of crossovers, many thought that the full sized SUV segment would completely crumble. However, at the dealers this perception has been proven false as the full-sized SUVs’ sales having being doing well, and even growing in some markets. Simply, the classic SUVs as we know them aren’t done just yet. Now a SUV that seems to be at the top of this segment is the Mercedes GLS, which quite clearly reminds why this category is not yet done and dusted. The GLS is a three-row SUV that seats seven. This is Mercedes flagship SUV, and it is placed above the M-Class/GLE-Class in its lineup. Read More

Mercedes GLC: Compact Luxury Never Looked So Good

Mercedes GLC

It seems that the crossover market has become even more lucrative of late, with crossover sales eclipsing those of sedans last year in America. Thus, getting a proper foothold in this segment is of the upmost importance for any carmaker that considers itself a big player. Mercedes is as big as they come, and they rightfully couldn’t sit idly as rivals like BMW and Audi made forays with the X3 and Q5 respectively for a bigger share of the crossover market. Thus, the Mercedes GLC is Diamler’s answer to its native based rivals. Read More

Mercedes GLA: Mercedes Entry Level SUV

Mercedes GLA

It seems all the top German automakers watched keenly as BMW made their first SUV the X5, which became an overwhelming success. Then BMW went on and made the X1 as their entry level SUV. Other automakers had to respond and Mercedes Benz in particular weren’t to be left behind. So the guys at Diamler came up with the Mercedes Benz GLA, it is supposed to be the “cheapest” Mercedes SUV you can buy.

What’s In a Name?

“GL” is the nomenclature employed by Diamler to name its SUVs. The “G” stands for geländewagen (off-road vehicle German), while the “L” acts as a link. Finally, in the case for the GLA, the “A” represents the SUV equivalent of A-Class. Read More

Mercedes Benz E-Class: The Executive Taxi

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Taxis aren’t the most impressionable cars, nondescript styling and really bland interiors are their hallmark. However, if you have travelled the world and in particular Asia and Europe, you’ll find the far from demure Mercedes Benz E-Class sporting its magnificent curves. This is a car that caters to the ultimate cabin experience.

The History

The E was used as a suffix e.g. 230E in the 60s. At this time the E stood for Einspritzmotor (fuel injection engine in German). The engine was a revelation for production cars at the time. Later, it was available for the first time as E-Class in 1993, where it has been used as a prefix ever since. The E-Klasse is also available in a special range (e.g. ambulance or police modifications) from the factory. Read More

Mercedes Benz SL: The All Conquering Grand Touring Roadster/Coupe

Mercedes Benz SL

In England they say, “All Hail the King,” whilst in Germany they say “Alle begrüßen den König.“ When it comes to grand touring roadsters/coupés there is only one undoubted king, and that is the Mercedes Benz SL. This is a sports car catered for a more mature driving audience with a mature wallet as well. When you are young you love that raucous turbocharged engine that declares you to everyone on the road. However, as you get older, you prefer a more serene driving experience, especially when you are held up in traffic jams. Read More

Mercedes Benz A-Class: The Benz That You Can Afford

Mercedes Benz A-Class

This is the smallest Mercedes Benz, way smaller the C-Class. The Mercedes Benz A-Class is a compact sized hatchback. If you want to start buying Mercedes Benz, this is the first car you’ll be able to afford. The car is facing fierce competition from its arch-nemesis the BMW 1-Series and the Audi A3. Each make a compelling case in this class. However unconventional this is for the German luxury automaker, they aren’t doing too badly in this niche.

The History

The car was launched in 1997 as a hatchback and currently it is on its third generation. The third generation was minted out first in 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show. The current generation of the Mercedes Benz A-Class has become bigger, making it a fully-fledged compact family car. However, the car isn’t competing for family drivers, but rather for the younger driving audience. Its size has increased to 169” in length that is now considerably larger than the B-Class’s first generation. Read More

Mercedes Benz SLK: The SL’s Sub Species?

Mercedes Benz SLK 55 AMG

Diamler is the maker of the best car in the world to some in the auto world. However, even the best of us have faults here and there. The Mercedes Benz SLK is a compact luxury roadster and it’s for those who like the wind in their hair. Personally, I am not a big fun of roadsters, but hey I don’t mind Tom Cruise sunglass wearing wannabes having their fun. I won’t judge, however my main issue with this models is they are too tiny I like big things.

What’s In a Name?

Well, this particular roadster seems to have borrowed the script from the SL. By the way SL stands for sportlich, which is German for “Sport Light.” Now the SLK seems to be a watered down version for half the price of a SL. The car has gone through three generations so far. The current generation is the R172, which was released in 2011. The R173 which is scheduled for release next year will be the fourth generation and will have its name switched to SLC. The “C” will be shipped in from the C-Class models, where the car will be the convertible model of the class. Read More

Mercedes Benz C-Class (2017): Is This The S-Class in its Miniature Form?

C-Class 2017

When it comes to compact executive cars you are spoilt for choice but it’s the German brands that lead the way in this niche. Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and of course the Mercedes Benz C-Class.

Quite frankly, I got a grade of C in high school, which was kind of a fail, however when you take a look at the C-Class you won’t see any signs of failure here. With the stunning exterior and well-polished interior this car could be a joy to have in your garage, until a recall that is.

Once a bastion of excellence, however today the news is changing rather fast as Diamler have re-called aging C-Class models because of an airbag problem. The airbags may deploy when there isn’t any impact or fail to deploy altogether when there is impact. With the number of recalls this model is facing it can bring a taint to the image Diamler is trying to exude on this model. Read More

Mercedes Benz S-Class S550 4Matic 2016: The Crystal Ball Sedan

S-Class S550 4Matic 2016

As a motor fan and writer there are a few models I cherish writing about. One of these models is the Mercedes Benz S-Class. If you want to look to the future of the automobile industry there is only one place to look. The Mercedes S-Class is the bestselling luxury sedan of all time, so many times in the past it has introduced new design and technology that has set it apart.

S-Class is derived from German S-Klasse, which is the short form of Sonderklasse. Sonderklasse is German for “special class.” These cars are meant to unapologetically leave all their rivals in the dust of the past. These cars are manufactured by Mercedes Benz which is a division of Diamler AG. The term S-Class was first used in 1972. Today, we are reveling in its 6th generation that is the W222/C217, which was made back in 2013. The S-class in itself is ripe with models, which have a targeted yearly release. However, taking a look at some of the models set for release next year I decided to pick a typical example and set my eyes on the S-Class S550 4Matic. Read More