Mercedes Maybach S600 (2016): Like a Plane, Maybach Airlines Takes to the Skies

Mercedes S600 Maybach

When it comes the cutthroat business of the automotive industry luxury brands, try not to be the spur of the moment. For brands such as Mulsanne and Phantom they have maintained their luster over the years. Meaning they have learnt to be adaptive to the market changes and know how to keep up with the times.

The two names that are predominant when it comes to ultimate luxury cars are Bentley and Rolls Royce. The British car makers have a monopoly on this niche, and by the look of things it will take something close to a miracle to upstage this cars. However, at $ 100,000 less than its rivals the Maybach S600 doesn’t seem to be that far off. The car has received mostly great reviews even going as far as being placed second on Car and Driver’s Ultimate Luxury Cars list. Read More