Thrust SSC: Land’s Speed of Sound Pioneer

Thrust SSC

Today, we are so used to talking about the Bugattis and the Hennesseys so much we forget there were other cars on the speed scene. In the 90s there seemed to be an incessant obsession with speed by the Brits. Shortly, after having the McLaren F1 being declared the fastest production car in 93’, the Brits did it again, however they were going for more than the speed of sound in 97’ as they did it with the Thrust SSC.

The Thrust SSC was able to beat the previous record set by the Thrust 2 which was at 633mph. It reached a peak speed of 763 mph, which broke the sound barrier and had it immortalized in car history. Making its run in Black Rock desert in Nevada, USA, it was driven by Royal Air Force Wing Commander, Andy Green. The record was broken on October 15, 1997 and was recognized by the World Motor Sport Council in November the same year. Read More

Flying Cars Part I: Taking Four Wheels Into The Sky

Flying CarWhen it comes to flying cars you can’t help feel a little déjà vu about their story so far. It’s kind of the Excalibur story where we are waiting on our mythical King Arthur to make the skies filled with flying automobiles. There have been a number of attempts through the years of which a number have succeeded to glide through the sky. However, they have all failed to materialize as mass produced cars. The challenges each new attempt is met with are the high costs, laws of physics and strict aviation regulations. Read More

The Fastest Cars in History: See Which Cars Blazed The Trail Before You Were Even Born

Fastest Cars in History

When it comes to the fastest cars there has to be a distinction between production cars and concept cars. Production cars are available to anyone who has the capital, while concept cars are made to be displayed at auto shows for the purpose of gaining feedback from the public and media.

Having cleared that up, have you ever wondered, how did we ever get to the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport? Well, it all started in the year 1894 with the Benz Velo which had a paltry speed of 19 km/h. This was the first large scale production car. It was created by Karl Benz and stayed in production 1894 – 1902, with over 1200 units made. This car featured in the first ever automobile race Le Petit in 1894. Organizers of the event were not into fast finishes as they wanted to show that horseless carriages could be trusted and were cost effective to use. This race gave birth to all the modern day races which includes NASCAR and Formula 1. Read More