Subaru Outback: A 4×4 Station Wagon

Subaru Outback

It seems with every new Outback, Subaru are upping the ante where they are consistently trying to make their cars have a more premium feel. However, they are careful note to overindulge as if the interior becomes too plush the price might become inflated, leaving out some of its targeted customers. The balancing act away this is a very able off roader especially those who want an all-wheel drive car at an affordable price.

What’s in a Name?

This car is named after the large and arid outback regions of Australia. Its moniker helps supplement its image as a moderate off-road capable vehicle. Read More

Subaru Legacy: A Legacy of All-Wheel Drive

Subaru Legacy

Subaru has been doing quite well with its SUVs, however when it comes to its family cars it feels like things haven’t gone according to plan. The Subaru has a niche it’s an affordable fun to drive car, however having a single niche doesn’t mean you’ll be guaranteed survival in the cutthroat auto business. Seemingly, intuitively Subaru have recognized this and have released a somewhat more premium feeling and looking Subaru Legacy.

The History

The first Subaru Legacy was released back in January, 1989 in its domestic market Japan. It went on to be available from Japanese dealerships on February the same year, then later it was available worldwide in 1990. As part of its original plans the Legacy was built to compete with the likes of the Altima, Camry and Accord in the North American market. Read More

Subaru Forester: The Grown Up Crossover

Subaru Forester

A Subaru Forester has to be on the mind of anyone looking for an affordable and reliable crossover. If you are in the dark, a crossover is a car that receives its designing cues from a SUV and a station wagon or hatchback. Well, to be honest I wasn’t really taken away by the initial designs of crossovers. They just didn’t seem to be aesthetically pleasing or proportionate. Inexplicably burgeoning on the mid to rear while anorexic on the bonnet. However, today crossovers to be quite frank have developed to what seems like compact SUVs, as their similarities with regular passenger cars seems to have vanished. Read More

Subaru Impreza: The Car That Tries To Impress Ya

subaru impreza sti

When it comes to compacts, one of the popular names you are likely to hear is the Subaru Impreza. Now, this car has some of the motor world believing that it’s a safe bet rather than a nervy gutsy gamble. Well, the Impreza will impress you if you are looking for a car that makes sense economically, is reliable and spacious. Now this is a great compact car, especially its renowned WRX variant which has many rally fans purring. The WRX is the high performance version of the Impreza. The compact is sold as either a 4 door sedan or as a 5 door hatchback. Read More