Tesla Model 3: Tesla’s Cheapest Car

Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3, was released this March 31st 2016, and has everyone buzzing. Tesla are a really unorthodox automaker. Even the way they unveil their cars is different. Rather than wait or time the biggest auto shows, they make a launch in an auditorium somewhere in California. Maybe this is a smart move on their part, considering that they aren’t going to be sharing their limelight with dozens of other automakers. Now, there is much hype about this car as it is being termed in most auto circles, as the make or break car for Tesla. This is the most affordable Tesla car and it is meant to be the model that brings EVs to the masses. Read More

Tesla Model X: The SUV That Wants To Fly

Model X

No doubt, the Model S was a huge success when it was unveiled, we all can agree on that. Now, to the interesting enigma of the Model X. This 7-seater crossover SUV has to be the biggest electric car in production. It basically has its foundations set on the Model S, and has the falcon-wing doors for the rear. The Model X has been delayed a number of times due to mostly faulty wings as Tesla puts it. In fact there is a law suit filed this year by Tesla against Hoerbiger for what it termed as unsatisfactory falcon wings. Tesla claims that the wings had oil leakages and were overheating. Apart from the wings another major issue was cooling the motors when hauling trailers. Read More

Tesla Roadster: The Cleanest and Fastest Electric Sports Car

Tesla Roadster

If you’ve been living under a rock trying to escape the climate-change induced sun that has been wreaking havoc all over the world, then probably you don’t know about Tesla Motors. Tesla are headed by Elon Musk and have more than revolutionized the motor industry. They have given a true practical answer to fossil fuel burning cars. Tesla made its first electric vehicle the Tesla Roadster and has never looked back. This was the first car to use lithium-ion batteries and to go over 200 miles (320 km) per single full charge. Read More

Tesla Model S: The Best Electric Car Out There

Tesla Model S

It’s funny a millennial car company names itself after a 19th Century scientist Nikola Tesla. Tesla seems to have had rubbed off some of his magic fairy dust onto Tesla Motors. Before Tesla most electric cars weren’t that practical for long trips, however this all changed when Tesla got involved in the mix. This was what most car critic en masse had been waiting for. The Model S is currently Tesla’s bestselling car and it has gone some ways to appease petrol heads.

The Model S has sold over a total of 100,000 units since December 2015, and is the second bestselling electric car behind the Nissan Leaf. As for the environment, Tesla estimates that they have managed to save over half a million tons of CO2 while consuming 1 billion electric miles as of June 2015. Read More