Toyota RAV4: Starting a Trend

Toyota RAV4

Toyota as an automaker has to be the bestselling marque from Asia. Simply, there probably isn’t a road in this world where a Toyota hasn’t been. Affordable, efficient and ever so reliable, this are all the hallmarks of the Toyota brand. Though, expanding to SUVs like the Harrier and Land Cruiser, Toyota has started to adopt a more premium feel. Out of all its SUVs, the RAV4 is the bestselling SUV in the Asian automaker’s lineup. In fact the Toyota RAV4 started a trend, where its competitors took notice of its success and started to make their own compact SUVs to compete in this new niche market. Read More

Toyota Highlander: The Wise Mid-Sized Crossover

Toyota Highlander

Let’s be honest, Toyota make so many models it’s sometimes quite difficult to keep track with them. However, there are those models that we can consider as special, need I mention Land Cruiser or Corolla anyone. Now, for those of us who don’t feel that endeared to vans, there is only one possible choice and that is mid-sized three-row crossovers. A good example of this is the Toyota Highlander. It is considered as one of the top SUVs in its class. The Highlander even had a time where it was the bestselling SUV before being surpassed by the RAV4. The Highlander is offered as a RAV4 alternative. Read More

Toyota HiLux: The Most Reliable Truck

Toyota HiLux

Trucks have found their luster in recent years, where they have become as fashionable as they are practical. Their uses are varied you can pick up passengers, carry or tow heavy loads etc. When it comes to great trucks, there are few out there that deserve to be held in esteem, and Toyota HiLux is one of them. Toyota’s truck is known for its reliability and is found worldwide except in a couple of markets that include the US, India, South Korea, Canada, Japan and North Korea..

The History

Toyota’s Hilux has a very large history that goes all the way back to March 1968 where it began production. It was known as Hilux globally until 1976, where in North America its name was changed to the rather generic monikers: Read More

Toyota Prius: The Original Hybrid

Toyota Prius

Now the perception that Eco-friendly cars were going to be drab dull and totally uninspiring must have come from the available hybrids and electric cars that were available pre-Tesla. Apart, from Tesla there isn’t an electric car that can compete on the same pedestal. Maybe we might have hybrids like the Toyota Prius in the distant future becoming more entertaining. However, till then you’ll sacrifice performance for efficiency, and oh, also for the environment as well.

What’s In a Name?

Prius is a Latin word that has many meanings that include “original”, “first” or “superior”. Toyota say that they feel this hybrid was launched before environmental degradation became a serious global issue. As for its plural you can call it “Priuses” which is acceptable, or by what Toyota call the most popular plural name opted by Prius owners “Prii”. Read More

Toyota Camry: A Car Billionaire Misers Would Like

Toyota Camry

Toyota are sometimes really bittersweet they give you a car that is replete with luxury such as the Land Cruiser, and then they make something as subtle as the Toyota Camry. To be honest this is a car that won’t have motor heads in cloud nine, however it does the basics to perfection. This car is held in such high affection by Toyota, as they have named it the second “world car” behind the Toyota Corolla.

The History

In the period 1979-1982 the Toyota Camry existed as a delegated four-door sedan known as the Celica Camry. In 1982 the Camry became a fully-fledged model. Through the years it has gained some weight as it started as a compact sedan, and went own to be broader eventually transforming into a mid-size sedan. The compact existed from 1979-2003 where it had six generations culminating into the V50. Read More

Toyota Land Cruiser: Toyota’s Oldest Running Series

Toyota Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been venerable since its inception in the 50s. This is one of the most iconic car’s Toyota has ever made. The series has been so popular that it’s the longest running model line in Toyota. Its longevity should tell you of its popularity. Through the years the car has had different body styles; hardtop, convertible, station wagon and finally as a utility truck. Currently, the Land Cruiser is a 5-door luxury SUV.

The History

The Toyota Land Cruiser has a remarkable history that goes all the way back. In 1941 as a testament to the power of reverse engineering the Imperial Japanese Army found a Bantam Mk II Jeep after their occupation of the Philippines. Thus, they shipped back to Japan where they ordered Toyota to build something similar, but with a caveat that it should look different. The Model AK was made, later in 1942 the AK10 concept came to being as Toyota managed to reverse engineer a Bantam GP Jeep. Read More

Toyota Corolla: The Car Everyone Has

Toyota Corolla

To be really, really honest, as a writer I look forward to writing about exotic cars. But since this could be one of the only cars that are affordable to the masses which I am a part of, I have to do justice by them. The Toyota Corolla has always been about, sorry to say the destination rather than the journey. It makes sure you make it in one piece, the car won’t give you an adrenaline rushing performance or opulent luxury. However, one thing you are getting with this car is a reliable veteran in its class. You don’t become a bestseller without having a big reputation. Read More