Volkswagen Touareg: The People’s SUV

Volkswagen Touareg

Everyone in the Volskwagen Group seems to be making SUVs, Porsche’s Cayenne and Audi Q7 spring to mind. Now this may not be the Group’s flagship, but the Volkswagen Toaureg is VW’s flagship SUV. The Touareg is not doing as well as VW would have liked, however that isn’t to say that it’s an awful SUV. The main chagrin with it is that there are other cheaper offerings that offer relatively the same features in the market.

What’s in a Name?

The Touuareg are a nomadic people that inhabit the Sahara in North Africa. Read More

Volkswagen Golf: The Best Hatch Ever

Volkswagen Golf

Before I knew much about cars I thought the Volkswagen Beetle was the bestselling car from the German automaker. However, upon further research I discovered that honour is firmly rested on the Volkswagen Golf’s shoulders. It’s the second bestselling car model of all time while reaching 29 million units in 2012. It’s funny that the people’s car Volkswagen decided to name one of their cars with a not so people’s sport golf. This five door hatch is a class leader and should be considered by anyone serious about getting a compact sedan. Read More

Volkswagen Beetle: Simply a Classic

Volkswagen Beetle

This is the car that keeps on selling, 21 million in its first incarnation. It has been doing the numbers since we can remember. When the Beatles were still making hit records, the Volkswagen Beetle was over three decades into production. The Beetle is a remarkable car and has the greatest marketing campaign to date to add to its honours. “Think small” was the sort of marketing genius that drove the masses to VW dealers in the 60s. One lesson we can all learn from the Beetle is never underestimate the power of simplicity. Read More

Volkswagen Polo: Another Iconic Small Car From VW

Volkswagen Polo

When it comes to making small cars Volkswagen has to be a master of this craft. They made the most successful marketing campaign of the last century over a little car the Volkswagen Beetle. “Think Small” was the marketing genius that endeared a German car to post World War II America. Now fast forward to today. Small cars seem to be the bread and butter of Volkswagen, seems the more things change the more they stay the same. Volkswagen Polo is a bestselling super mini that has sold over 14 million units all over. It comes in two body styles as either a 3 or 5 door hatchback. Read More

Volkswagen Passat: A Cheap German Car?

Volkswagen Passat

German automakers are renowned for making great luxury cars they aren’t known for making affordable, reliable or efficient cars. Just look at Audi, Porsche, Mercedes and BMW, all have established a niche for executive cars. The Asian automakers like Kia, Honda, Mazda lead this class effortlessly. However, VW reckon they can compete and thus the Passat. The Volkswagen Passat is a classic family car, and has done well throughout its eight generations. During this time it has acquired a reputation for being efficient, cost-cutting and reliable. Read More