Volvo XC70: The Swedish Outback

Volvo Xc70

Volvo has been making a comeback of sorts in recent years especially with its much acclaimed SUV line. There was a time a Volvo wasn’t considered as a true luxury brand and was deemed as a fringe player in this segment. However, after the Chinese takeover, the Swedes have been on a comeback trail, and have established themselves as a true luxury car brand. Having the XC90 SUV as a flagship, the new Volvos feature a revolutionary new design that has them competing with the traditional old guard of German brands. Thus, meet the Volvo XC70 which looks like a Subaru Outback drives like an Outback, however feels very different from an Outback. Its similarities to the Outback aside, the XC70 draws its inspiration from the V70 sedans. Read More

Volvo S90: Volvo’s New Flagship Sedan

Volvo S90

Volvo as an automaker has had some problems with its brand. At one point it was viewed as a luxury brand imposter, however post the Chinese takeover the Volvo has recaptured the hearts and minds of luxury car buyers especially with the XC90. The XC90 has been rather successful and it seems the Swedish car maker has built up some much needed momentum. With this in mind, Volvo are on the midst of revamping their sedans with the first model being the Volvo S90. For the German automakers, it looks like they should pay keen attention to what the Swedes are doing, because the executive saloon segment is about to become even more competitive. Read More

Volvo XC90: The Full Luxury SUV King

Volvo XC90

Sweden as an automotive destination offers a rather interesting selection of marques. We have Koenigsegg, Scania and Volvo just to mention a few. Now, of particular interest to us is Volvo. Through the years it has evolved and become a true luxury brand. Considering the sad story behind the Saab also from Sweden, the luxury niche market can be very unforgiving. However, the Swede automaker has established itself in this niche, especially in the full luxury SUV segment. Competing with and rivalling German exports the Volvo XC90 is holding its own while being very Swedish. It doesn’t try to emulate other German offerings in the market it sticks to its own game plan. This three-row seven-seater is a work of beauty, which is ironic considering that Scandinavians are considered the most beautiful people in the world. Read More