Chrsyler 300: Chrsyler The Spartan Carmaker?

Chrysler 300

If you’ve watched the movie the 300, then you have seen the 300 Grecian Spartan army defeat legions of Persians, though in the end they fall. Now 300 is a number that could have rubbed some good fortune over Chrysler. The Chrysler 300 seems like the perfect elixir to heal the wounds of bankruptcy cycles the company seems to always go through. The car is sold in Europe as the Lancia Thema except for the UK and Ireland where it is known as the 300C.

The History

The current modern Chrysler 300, came to being back in 2003, where it was unveiled in that year’s New York Auto Show. It was meant to be a modern representation of the Chrysler C-300. It is Chrysler’s flagship full sized sedan. It was received with great reviews and sales.

The Current Model

The current Chrysler 300 is the second generation variant that was released in 2011 and features a new engine. It is a complete rework of its predecessor. Later in 2015, the 300 had a facelift with a couple of nudges here and there.

The Variants

If you are hoping to get one, you can pick from these variants:

  • 300 Limited
  • 300S
  • 300C
  • 300C Platinum

The Powertrain

Powering the 300 is a new 3.6 L Pentastar V6 that is able to churn out 292 hp. Other options are available such as:

  • a 5.7 L HEMI V8 engine producing 363 hp
  • a 3 L VM Motori V6 turbodiesel engine*

*Available in Europe and Australia.

For transmission you have ZF 8-speed auto transmission to look forward to.

Chrysler 300

The Interior

When entering the cabin you’ll be exceedingly happy with its spaciousness. There is enough room for everyone to sit in comfortably. You also get exquisite upholstery and finishes, which makes it a little more cheerful as compared to some of its competitors.

The Exterior

The car was originally designed by Ralph Gilles in 2001. The car exudes luxury with a bold fascia that announces itself with accentuating LED headlights.

Our Verdict

The greatest advantage the Chrysler 300 offers its owner is its very spacious. Enough room for you and all the passengers to sit in comfortably. As for driving you’ll enjoy the addition of the 8-speed auto, which is quite efficient and seamless. Also, another major change is the use of electric steering that helps in fuel efficacy. This steering isn’t as smooth as it can be, but it’s quite tolerable. Now talking of Chrysler, it is always a hard pill to swallow where your foreign competitors flourish while you need the government to bail you out so often it becomes a habit. Now, with the 200 discontinued, the 300 is the sedan flagship car of the company. Chrysler said that they wanted to refocus their energies onto crossovers, hence the 200 got the cut. With this in mind it will be interesting to see where this model will be in a couple years’ time.

To be a proud owner of a 300 you can start to budget from $ 31,695.

Is the Chrysler 300 on the way to be a class leading sedan or is it another false dawn for the American automaker? Have your say, leave a comment.

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