Ford Focus: The American International Bestseller

Ford Focus RS

When it comes to American cars with a worldwide appeal, there is only one name that comes to mind that is the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus is a two wheel drive that is grouped as a compact car. This car is to be found in the same class with the Volkswagen Beatle and the Toyota Corolla which are coincidentally bestsellers too.


The Ford Focus was minted out in 1998, where it replaced the Ford Laser and the Ford Escort. The car was made to compete with the Corolla’s impressive sales. 2012, was a great year for Ford where the Focus became the bestselling nameplate ahead of the Corolla.

The Body Styles

You can purchase the Ford Focus as either a sedan or a hatchback.

Current Model

In 2010, Ford decided to consolidate the design of the North American and International model, where they launched the Mk3 worldwide. This was the third generation of Ford Focus, and was launched in North America and Europe in 2011. The unveiling of this global version of the Ford Focus happened during the 2010 North American International Auto Show. At this unveiling, the body style available was the hatchback which featured a new 2L four cylinder direct injection engine.

Ford went on to release an electric version of the Focus to compete with the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt. The electric version was released in 2012 in limited numbers and cities in America. Also, it was released the same year in Europe.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus Roster

These are the different models offered by Ford Focus:

  • S Sedan
  • SE Sedan
  • SE Hatch
  • Titanium Sedan
  • Titanium Hatch
  • ST
  • Electric
  • RS

All the Ford Focus except for the RS are equipped with a 2L four cylinder electric engine which produces 160 hp. However, you also have the option to go for the 123 hp 1L turbo three cylinder, for extra efficiency. The RS in the meantime is equipped with a 350 hp 2.3L four cylinder engine. In particular the ST was launched in 2012 with a 252 bhp turbocharged ecoboost engine. While, the electric is the only model that isn’t equipped with a four cylinder engine. It is equipped with an electric motor that churns out 107 Kw. The four cylinder Ford Focus is able to achieve a total speed of 121 mph. When it comes to manual transmission you have the options of either using 5-speed or 6-speed, while when it comes to auto transmission you have 6-speed only.

The Interior

The cabin has been completely reworked and features new materials and entertainment technologies. It looks much better than the very bland Toyota Corolla.

The Exterior

The car features Ford’s new family grille that has been coupled in with slimline headlights.

Our Verdict

This car is built with fuel efficiency in mind and isn’t really made for thrilling performance. Going through the gears is quite arduous as the car is built to be responsive and the engine tends to be quite reluctant. The steering wheel is quite on point as it reacts to every twitch and turn you make.

Ford Focus starts at $ 17,225.

Do you think the Ford Focus can ever replace the Toyota Corolla in sales, or is it far behind? Have your say, leave a comment.

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