Ford Ranger: The Wonders of a Facelift

Ford Ranger

Today, the competitive pickup market is booming with the likes of the L200 and Navarra enjoying the limelight. In an ever fast paced changing market the Ford Ranger realizes that all it takes is a few years before any model is outdated with the automotive industry facing the greatest innovative time in its history. With trucks like the Hilux having new versions with better upgrades, it’s only right that the Ranger keeps up. The Ranger is immensely reliable with great engines powering it. As for it being a class leader there may be a little doubt about that.

The History

The Ford Ranger has had a separate global and North American history. In North America it was available in 1983-2012. Later in 1998 the Ford Ranger launched globally and it is this version that is present today. During this time with the Ford and Mazda partnership there was a time it was a rebadged Mazda B-Series.

The Current Model

The current Ford Ranger (T6) is available in over 180 markets worldwide while it skips the American and Canadian market. This is due to it being too close in size and expense to the Chicken Tax and the F-150. However, there are rumors rife that the American market seems to be lucrative again, and that the Ranger might re-enter the fray soon. The current model was launched in 2011 and it received a facelift in 2015. Interestingly, Mazda rebadged the Ford Ranger (T6) and sells it as the second generation BT-50. The cars are the same from a mechanical viewpoint but have different parts.

The Variants

The Ford Ranger is available as a single cab, extended cab and double cab. Here are its available trims:

  • XLT

Ford Ranger

The Powertrain

There are two diesel engines on use in the Ford Ranger. First, to be found on most models is the 2.2L four cylinder Duratorq engine that produces 158bhp of power and 375 N·m of torque. As for the other engine it is a 3.2L five cylinder diesel that churns out 197 bhp, while providing 470 N·m of torque. This engine is only to be found in the double cab variants of the Ranger. For transmission you get either a 5-speed manual or 6-speed manual. Also, there is a 6-speed auto that is strictly available for double cab variants.

The Interior

Definitely, Ford have done great work bringing their passenger car know how here as this is upmarket by pickup standards. High tech gadgetry and cleverly woven plastic are the hallmarks of the Ranger’s interior. A complaint of the pre-facelift was cabin room, however you’ll find that you’ll seat comfortably in the new Ranger.

The Exterior

I like the Ranger’s grille, which is shaped like a loaf of bread with a centered horizontal bar that bears the Ford marque. Looks masculine, aggressive and contemporary, everything you’d want your pickup to look like.

Our Verdict

Before the facelift in 2015 the Ranger had nothing really special to write home about except maybe for its engines. However, considering that newer models and facelifts are being released by its rivals Ford had to do something. The new facelift has taken this car a class above its initial launch of 2011. It looks better whether you are in the cabin or outside it. This is all on top that it can push a tow weight of up to 3,500 tons. This is a top tier truck in its class competing effortlessly as the top of its class.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Ford Ranger you should start to think from £ 19,274.79.

Do you think the Ranger is a great truck that offers more practicality and reliability than the class leading Mitsubishi L200? Have your say, leave a comment.

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