Honda Civic (2016): Honda Doing Its Civic Duty

Honda Civic

We all know the Accord as a benchmark of reliability and cost effectiveness, now meets its smaller more compact sized brother the Honda Civic. Sandwiched somewhere between the Honda Fit and the Accord, the Civic does its best to standout. This is a top tier car that is two steps above the Ford Focus and a level or two behind the Mazda 3. Honda know how to deliver cars that are cost efficient, durable and reliable throughout.

A Top Seller

Automakers make cars so that they can sell them they don’t make cars so that they can gather dust at the dealers. Churning up numbers is what the Civic is used to, having sold 16.5 million cars by 2006. In North America and in particular the USA and Canada it has had immense success. This is due to the fact that almost half the cars have been sold there.

The History

The Honda Civic first reared its bonnet in 1972 as a coupe where it received a warm reception from the market. It was available as a coupe, station wagon and as a hatchback. The Civic’s success was spurred by the oil crisis of the 1970s, where its fuel efficiency and reliability road it to success.

The Current model

In September last year (2015), the tenth generation (2016) Honda Civic was launched. It was followed in November by the Civic coupe which was unveiled in the LA Auto Show.

Honda Civic

The Body Styles and Variants

You can expect the Civic to be offered to you as either a sedan, coupe, 5-door hatchback, Si-Trim and Type R. If you aren’t that acquainted with Honda’s nomenclature, the Type R is the specially tuned variant. This is similar to the BMW M or the Mercedes Benz AMG. As for the Si-Trim it’s a special sport compact variant that was introduced with the third generation of the Honda Civic.

If you are going to pick up one of the Civics here is what you can choose from:

  • LX Manual
  • LX CVT
  • EX
  • EX-T
  • EX-L
  • Touring

The Powertrain

This Honda comes with two four cylinder engines. The first engine is a naturally aspirated 2 L DOHC which is coupled with 6-speed manual or CVT transmission. As for another option you can choose a turbocharged 1.5 L option. This engine is able to churn out 158-174 hp.

The Exterior

The Civic is a beautiful car from outside, with its modern design. You have different shades to choose, ranging from Aegean Blue Metallic to Rallye Red.

The Interior

When you are in the cabin depending on the model you choose you’ll be able to use Bluetooth streaming, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As for your console you can have a 5” LCD screen or a 7” Display Audio with Electorstatic Touchscreen.


The Honda Civic has been critically acclaimed, most notably it was awarded the Car of the Year 2016.

Our Verdict

Well Honda makes great sedans that are meant to be affordable, reliant and efficient. The Civic sticks to this script in all ways imaginable. Great to drive, and comfortable enough to make your journey an event. This car is reassuring as it behaves like a Honda should, unlike its predecessor which had car enthusiasts disappointed.

To be an owner of the Honda Civic you should budget from $ 18,640.

What do you feel about the Honda Civic’s latest incarnation is it a step up on its predecessor? Have your say, leave a comment.

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