Hyundai Genesis: In the Beginning …

Hyundai Genesis

If you happen to read the Bible, then you already know it’s a collection of books, with Genesis being the first book. Sadly, as great as that is, the Hyundai Sonata could use some help if it wants to be the first car on everyone’s luxury sedan list. Simply, Asian automakers always find it hard in this segment. European exports are simply always way ahead. It’s an unenviable task to compete against the likes of Audi, Mercedes or Jaguar. I mean an A6 or an E-Class and you’ve got the Genesis standing alongside, you get the picture. However, the Genesis does have its benefits and deserves to be given a chance.

What’s in a Name?

Hyundai, cleverly named the car Genesis, as it represented Hyundai’s first foray into the luxury market segment. Interestingly, following other Asian automakers, Hyundai will have this model spun off as the Genesis brand. Genesis will become Hyundai’s new luxury brand subsidiary. The current Hyundai Genesis will be rebadged as the Genesis G80.

The History

The first Genesis was unveiled as a concept back in the 2007 New York International Auto Show. It was internally known as the BH. It was expected to cost Hyundai a staggering $ 533 million to develop.

Current Model

Currently, the Genesis has reached its second generation (DH), which debuted in Seoul back in November 2013. Later it was shown off in the 2014 Toronto and North American International auto shows.

The Variants

The Genesis is available as a coupe or a sedan. It’s important to note that the coupe has its own identity despite sharing the same platform with the sedan. Also, it’s available as either a rear wheel or all-wheel drive.

Hyundai Genesis

The Powertrain

Powering the Genesis are a set of V6 petrol engines with a single petrol V8. The most powerful V6 is the Lambda 3.8L engine, which churns out 311 hp and 397 Nm of torque. This engine manages to accelerate 0-100 km/h in a paltry 6.5s in a rear wheel drive configuration. It’s important to note that this is the only engine that is available with an all-wheel drive configuration, though it’s 0.3s slower than the RWD in accelerating 0-100 km/h. As for the most powerful engine it has to be the Tau 5L V8 that manages to produce a mammoth 419 hp and 520 Nm. This V8 is particularly impressive accelerating 0-100 km/h in a meager 5.4s. All engines are fitted with an 8-speed auto .


The Genesis’ cabin is reminiscent of some of its rivals but not quite as plush. But to be fair, the Genesis has the best looking interior to ever be minted out by Hyundai. The materials used are of premium quality and its definitely eventful being inside this car.


I have to say this car is quite ethereal especially it’s fascia. The grille is striking, bold and eye catching. Also, I have to admit that I really like Genesis marque, looks a bit like Bentley, but all in all it’s distinguishable enough. However, I just feel the rear is lost between a hatch and a sedan.

Our Verdict

Now, for a first try, Hyundai have built well, a pretty average luxury car. Well that should be taken positively its better average than lackluster. The problem with the Hyundai is its design which seems to be everywhere. It’s borrowed its styling cues from both the interior and the exterior of some of its rivals like Audi and Mercedes. To be honest the car is lacking an edge over the competition. Okay, let’s focus on its merits, it does have a really silent cabin that is ensconced in true comfort and luxury. All in all, you get a lot of car for the money.

If you are thinking of buying a Genesis, you should start to budget from $ 26,950.

Should the Genesis get better styling cues that will make it clearly distinct from its rivals? Have your say, leave a comment.

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