Mazda 3: Mazda Leading Compact Surprise

Mazda 3

When you think of compact cars you think of the great car manufacturers that practice and perfect their craft in the nation of the Rising Sun. Subaru, Honda and of course Mazda are just some of the great car makers in Japan. Mazda like most Japanese automakers makes great compact sedans that are closest thing to automotive reliability and affordability.

The History

The Mazda 3 was introduced as a replacement for the Familia/322/Protegé. It was received warmly by critics, where they gave favourable reviews. Most reviews were basically impressed with the car’s performance attributes as well as it efficacy. The first car was based of the Ford C1 platform which is shared by Ford Focus and the Volvo S40.

The Current Model

The current model is the third generation of the Mazda 3. The third generation Mazda 3 was unveiled to all in 2013 June in Australia. This marked a significant step in manufacturing for Mazda who did away with the Ford C1 platform by adopting their very own Skyactiv chassis. Currently, the Mazda 3 comes as either a four door hatchback or as a sedan.

The Variants

Depending on your fuel needs, financial ability or generally your preference, you can pick one of these Mazda 3s:

  • iSport
  • iTouring
  • iGrand Touring
  • sTouring
  • sGrand Touring

Of worthy note is the high performance version of the Mazda 3, which uses a couple of different moniker. The monikers are spread out depending on your locale. If you are in Europe this variant will be known as the Mazda 3 MPS, while in North America you’ll know it as the Mazdaspeed 3, and finally in Japan you’ll be familiar with the Mazdaspeed Axela.

The Powertrain

For power you’ve got a 2 L four cylinder engine as standard and a 2.5 L four cylinder as an option. The standard engine is able to churn out 155 hp while the optional engine is able to produce 184 hp. As for transmission you can expect the standard 6-speed manual or request the 6-speed auto.

The Interior

Taking a look at the Mazda’s interior you’ll be shocked as it has been splattered with great technology. You have a 7” touch screen, Bose nine-speaker, Bluetooth, a rear view camera amongst other features.

The Exterior

On looks alone this car would still be competing for its class, as it’s so easy on the eye. This is further accentuated by the car’s 16” alloy wheels. The hatchback has a more aggressive look that edges it over the sedan. However, the sedan is no slouch and holds its own.

Mazda 3

The Accolades

The Mazda 3 is a born winner and a thoroughbred of its class. It’s quite arduous sieving through the numerous awards that this car has however notably awards from Car and Driver, and Kelley Blue Book stand out. Car and Driver believe this is the top most car in its class, while also including it in its 10Best list. This is while the Kelley Blue Book names it as one of the top ten cars under $ 25,000.

Our Verdict

Well when you buy a compact car you are most likely looking at your budget constraints, fuel economy and overall reliability of the car. However, Mazda 3 ensures that you just don’t get a bland mix of efficiency but an aesthetic approach to design. The true beauty of this car is that it’s just as wonderful to drive as to be driven. Simply the best, we needn’t say more.

To be a proud owner of a Mazda 3 set aside $ 17,845 for starters.

Do you think this is the best compact sedan to buy or are Subaru and Honda churning out better cars? Have your say, and leave a comment.

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