Mercedes Benz C-Class (2017): Is This The S-Class in its Miniature Form?

C-Class 2017

When it comes to compact executive cars you are spoilt for choice but it’s the German brands that lead the way in this niche. Audi A4, BMW 3-Series and of course the Mercedes Benz C-Class.

Quite frankly, I got a grade of C in high school, which was kind of a fail, however when you take a look at the C-Class you won’t see any signs of failure here. With the stunning exterior and well-polished interior this car could be a joy to have in your garage, until a recall that is.

Once a bastion of excellence, however today the news is changing rather fast as Diamler have re-called aging C-Class models because of an airbag problem. The airbags may deploy when there isn’t any impact or fail to deploy altogether when there is impact. With the number of recalls this model is facing it can bring a taint to the image Diamler is trying to exude on this model.

The C-Class is everything Diamler AG have learnt on the S-Class, but now in a more miniature form. 1993 was the year that the C-Class was launched, it replaced the 190. It was the smallest car carrying the Mercedes marque till the advent of the A-Class in 1997. The current C-Class which was launched in 2014 is the fourth generation of the compact executive behemoth sedan.

C-Class 2017

The C-Class is available as a rear wheel drive or if you prefer as a 4Matic (4×4 wheel drive). Mercedes calls the engines available for the C-Class as “overachievers.” Considering their small size and great output you might really feel that Mercedes are on to something here. The engine with the least horsepower is the C300’s turbo 4 cylinder 241 hp engine that produces 273 lb-ft of torque and 34 highway mpg. If you are going for more performance then you should pick the C450, which is coupled in with a new improved AMG twin-turbo V6 that gives you an output of 362 hp. Upping the ante on performance, you can go for the C63 which uses an AMG twin-turbo V8 that produces either 469 hp or 503 hp depending on the model. If you are more environmentally focused, you should pick the C350e, whose engine is a hybrid that can achieve 20 miles on electricity alone. For transmission a 7-speed auto is the only option available.

Standard with every C-Class are 18” wheels, all-weather tyres and the Mercedes’ Dynamic Select configurable-chassis system. Going deeper into DYNAMIC SELECT you have four options that is ECO, Comforts, Sport and Sport+, which all help you to change steering feel, shift points, throttle mapping and ECO Start/Stop system. Other great features include head-up display, FrontBass, sat navigation and advanced safety features like COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST PLUS.

If the compact executive sedan market was to be based solely on looks alone then the C-Class would be at the top by a mile.

Is the new Mercedes Benz C-Class really that good looking or do you feel there is another competitor that looks far greater? Have your say and leave a comment.

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