Mercedes Benz E-Class: The Executive Taxi

Mercedes Benz E-Class

Taxis aren’t the most impressionable cars, nondescript styling and really bland interiors are their hallmark. However, if you have travelled the world and in particular Asia and Europe, you’ll find the far from demure Mercedes Benz E-Class sporting its magnificent curves. This is a car that caters to the ultimate cabin experience.

The History

The E was used as a suffix e.g. 230E in the 60s. At this time the E stood for Einspritzmotor (fuel injection engine in German). The engine was a revelation for production cars at the time. Later, it was available for the first time as E-Class in 1993, where it has been used as a prefix ever since. The E-Klasse is also available in a special range (e.g. ambulance or police modifications) from the factory.

Current Models

The current available model is the E-Class (W212), which is available as either a sedan or wagon. The car was unveiled in the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Some of the features that were available were blind spot monitoring, Lane Keeping Assist and Night View Assist Plus amongst others. Later, the Mercedes Benz E-Class received a facelift in 2013. The facelift was big and gave it an aggressive front fascia that would try to woe young clients away from the clutches of its rivals the Audi A6 and the BMW 5-Series.

Also, in 2009 the Mercedes Benz E-Class (C207) was launched in May that year. This model of the E-Class was available as a coupé or convertible, and shared its platform with the W204 C-Class.

Next Year 2016 Model

Mercedes Benz is upping the ante on the 2013 facelift, as it has embarked on investing close to € 1 billion on next year’s mid-life facelift. This could very well be the most expensive mid-life facelift in the auto industry. However, this could also be indicative of more fierce competition from its rivals. It’s expected to borrow design cues from the S-Class (W222). The new model is expected to be curvier and more streamlined to its predecessor. This facelift makes Mercedes Benz look quite self-aware of where the E-Class features as a brand, and my word do they move quickly to ensure it doesn’t lose its luster. You can check the new model in next year’s North American International Auto Show.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

The Powertrain

For your powertrain you have either the four cylinder turbodiesel, V6 or V8. The power ranges from 195 – 577 hp. The least powerful Mercedes Benz E-Class is the E250 BlueTEC, which produces 195 hp that delivers 369 lb-ft. For the coupés you have a choice of either 329 hp or 402 hp. The 329 hp E400 coupé has a 4Matic (4 wheel drive) option, however the 402 hp E550 coupé doesn’t include an all-wheel drive option. As for the most powerful, it is the AMG engineered E63 S which produces a mammoth 577 hp with 590 lb-ft of torque. Rear wheel drive comes as a standard except for the AMG E63 S which is available exclusively as an all-wheel drive. All E-Class cars come with 7-speed auto with a mode for manual transmission.


This is where the Mercedes Benz E-Class earns its full weight in gold. The cabin is effortlessly silent and comfy, making it a wonderful experience to be seated at the backseat.


The 2013 facelift has worked some wonders and has transmuted the E-Class to a modern, trendier look. However, it is still a bit sharp on the edges and we are all awaiting next year’s launch to see what they’ll come up with.

Our Verdict

This is a great car to be driven in, probably the guys at Diamler AG have realized that the car’s main customers are taxi drivers. For a taxi it isn’t about the driver it is about the customer. This isn’t a thrilling car to drive, however you could always go for the AMG E63 S.

Do you believe next year’s heavy facelift will change anything for the Mercedes Benz E-Class against its rivals or will it still look backdated using the W212 chassis? Have your say, leave a comment.

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