Mercedes Benz S-Class S550 4Matic 2016: The Crystal Ball Sedan

S-Class S550 4Matic 2016

As a motor fan and writer there are a few models I cherish writing about. One of these models is the Mercedes Benz S-Class. If you want to look to the future of the automobile industry there is only one place to look. The Mercedes S-Class is the bestselling luxury sedan of all time, so many times in the past it has introduced new design and technology that has set it apart.

S-Class is derived from German S-Klasse, which is the short form of Sonderklasse. Sonderklasse is German for “special class.” These cars are meant to unapologetically leave all their rivals in the dust of the past. These cars are manufactured by Mercedes Benz which is a division of Diamler AG. The term S-Class was first used in 1972. Today, we are reveling in its 6th generation that is the W222/C217, which was made back in 2013. The S-class in itself is ripe with models, which have a targeted yearly release. However, taking a look at some of the models set for release next year I decided to pick a typical example and set my eyes on the S-Class S550 4Matic.

Where to start with this S-Class it can drive itself and warn you if you are drowsy for a start. However, the feature that has people raving is its ability to monitor the roads and warn you of oncoming collisions. This is taking safety to a whole new level.

The engine is a 4.7 L twin-turbo V8 which produces 449 hp. Between 1,800 – 3,500 rpm it is able to produce a maximum torque of 516 lb-ft. The great thing about the car’s engine is the ECO Start/Stop. What this does is it monitors your engine when it’s idling away and stops it. As soon as you lift your foot from the brake your engine kicks back into action. This feature can be enabled or disabled by the driver. This engine functions with 7 speed automatic transmission. The car’s acceleration is stated at 0 – 60 mph in 4.8 seconds.

We do love to accelerate, but we also need to come to a stop. Thus, this car is fitted with standard torque vectoring brake technology. Through the Electronic Stability Program the car detects understeer and oversteer, where it makes the necessary adjustments to your braking ensuring you maintain complete control of your car at all times.

Now this S-Class has to be the sedan of “lights.” There are 500 LED lights, 300 for the interior and 200 for the exterior. The exterior uses the LED lights as they illuminate a lot faster and are not blinding for other road users as they create natural light. While in the interior the lights provide you with seven hues to change the ambience of your cabin.

S-Class S550 4Matic 2016

Also, it seems that Mercedes were having a field day with LED technology, as you don’t have you regular speedometer with its pin and needle. Alterations have been made where there are two 12.3” LED wide screens that have been placed side by side. Where one screen shows you your speedometer and other important car indicators, and the other can be used for any convenience or comfort features.

There are optional packages such as Sport, Premium and Warmth & Comfort etc, available at a fee for those who yearn extra features, comfort or luxury. The car is to be sold at a recommended base rate before tax of $ 98,650.

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  1. ooh, wow, I just realized this after this post. Cool, now it means that we’re going to see it eairler than March. Hopefully it’ll look better than in the spy shots on the other websites


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