Mercedes Benz SL: The All Conquering Grand Touring Roadster/Coupe

Mercedes Benz SL

In England they say, “All Hail the King,” whilst in Germany they say “Alle begrüßen den König.“ When it comes to grand touring roadsters/coupés there is only one undoubted king, and that is the Mercedes Benz SL. This is a sports car catered for a more mature driving audience with a mature wallet as well. When you are young you love that raucous turbocharged engine that declares you to everyone on the road. However, as you get older, you prefer a more serene driving experience, especially when you are held up in traffic jams.

The History

The Mercedes Benc SL started out as a gullwinged coupé back in 1954. It was known as the 300 SL, and it changed to a roadster in 1957. The car has moved through the years and settled as a coupé and roadster. Sadly, no gullwings in the current versions, this has to be due to self-awareness by Mercedes Benz who are aware that the car has a mature audience. However, we can cross our fingers on a special edition popping its head sooner or later.

The Current Model (R231)

After the 23 year stint of its predecessor, the R231 was released in 2012 at that year’s North American International Auto Show.

The Models

Depending on your luxury or performance needs, Diamler AG have rolled out these Mercedes SL-Class models:

  • SL 350
  • SL 500/550
  • SL 63 AMG
  • SL 65 AMG
  • SL 400

The latest car is the Mercedes Benz SL 400, which was released this year, and it’s somewhere inbetween the 350 and the SL 65 AMG. There is even talk of a new SL coming out next year, lets see if they’ll improve the design as it rubs off some people as demure and uninspired.

The Powertrain

The Mercedes Benz SL 350 is the least powerful and most affordable. However, the 350 still has great power at 302 hp churning out of its 24V V6 engine. As for trque you get 370 N·m at 3500 – 5250 revs. As for the most powerful, well whenever you see AMG you know what to expect and that is the outmost stellar model in that respective class. The SL 65 AMG gives you twice the power of the 350 producing a mammoth 621 hp. Also, the torque is tuned at 1000 Nm.

Mercedes Benz SL

The Interior

Inside, you have sun reflecting fine stitched leather upholstery that makes the interior look really posh. Also with the FrontBass® speakers you get a quasi-ampitheatre ambience.

The Exterior

The car has an aluminium body structure that makes it weigh almost 300 pounds less than its predecessor. Well, not to dampen the King’s parade but he looks a bit lacking in the aesthetic department. By all means this isn’t his fault it seems the pillory will be useful to inspire his designers to action. However, the car doesn’t look at all shoddy we just expected to be surprised a little more.

Our Verdict

This car can do no wrong it has the power to give you those thrusts of exhilarating top speeds but the silence to let you think. A great car that is at the top of its class and deservedly so. If you are an adult and have an adult paycheck then this is an adult car for you.

The car starts at $ 85,975.

Do you believe that the Mercedes Benz SL is at the top of its class or do you have another idea. Please have your say, leave a comment.

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