Mitsubishi Mirage: Let’s Be Real

Mitsubishi Mirage

A mirage is an illusion usually in the middle of the desert. As you know when in the desert you really don’t have as many options, thus the sight of even an illusion gives you hope. However, the subcompact category is anything but a desert, it is brimming with great cars. Thus, the Mitsubishi Mirage may be the least in this category, however if you are living in a financial desert, then this subcompact will offer you hope.

What’s in a Name?

The Mirage has had a number of names that it has used in the past, such as Lancer, Colt, Dodge Colt etc. Most of these names came about as the result of various partnerships it has had in its history. Currently, it is known as the Mirage and in select European markets as the Mitsubishi Space Star, due to naming rights issues.

The History

The first Mirage was a front wheel drive 3-door hatchback that was minted out all the way back in March 1978. It was made as a response to the 1973 oil crisis, and later in September it featured a 5-door variant. This subcompact was being sold as Mitsubishi’s entry-level car, since the Minica kei car wasn’t available in all its markets.

Current Model

Currently, the Mirage has reached its sixth generation, and was first previewed as a concept back in the 2011 Geneva Auto Show. Later the same year in the Tokyo Motor Show the Mirage’s production version was unveiled. It is this version that the name Space Star has been adopted in some European markets. Later in 2015, at the LA Auto Show, the Mirage received a facelift. The most major changes would be the optional Apple CarPlay supported touchscreen infotainment system and a 300W Rockford Fosgate audio system.

The Variants

There is a sedan based on the the Mirage, known with the same name or as either the Attrage or Mirage G4. The current Mirage comes in a number of trims:

  • ES
  • SE
  • GT

Mitsubishi Mirage


Powering the Mirage are two variations of a 3-cylinder petrol engine. The first engine manages to achieve 70bhp, while the 1.2L produces 70 bhp. For transmission you’ve got a 5-speed manual or CVT auto to choose from.

The Interior

You have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto options to look forward to, apart from that there is really nothing to write home about. The cabin is masqueraded by cheap materials and no matter the options you exercise like climate control it steel feels well “cheap.”

The Exterior

Got to say the Mirage looks good and it feels a little more rounded. With this rounded design it achieves a class leading co-efficient drag of 0.27 Cd. It looks good but at the same time when put on the same pedestal with some of its rivals it will definitely take a backseat.

Our Verdict

To be honest the Mirage’s engine is uninspiring and Mitsubishi have a lot of room to improve as they are at the bottom of the pile when performance is concerned. You’ll be leaving the engine “breathless” whenever you are pressing down the acceleration pedal. The Mirage’s drive could use a lot of help when it comes to its drive as well, as you are left feeling everything on the terrain. Its exterior looks good and I wish it could have replicated this to its cabin which falls a bits short. However if you are seriously considering the Mirage from a financial aspect then it will be value for money. The Mirage doesn’t pretend to be what it isn’t, as it wears its heart on its sleeve, simply this a subcompact that won’t amaze but also at the same time it won’t fail you.

If you are thinking of buying the Mirage you’ll need to start budgeting from $ 13,830.

The Mirage, is a great budget car but does it really represent value for money proposition like a Fiat Panda? Have your say, leave a comment.

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