Porsche Cayenne: Porsche’s SUV Renaissance

Porsche Cayenne

Having wrote about other companies moving their direction to mass produce crossovers or mid-sized SUVs, it’s important to note that they would do well to emulate the Porsche Cayenne. There isn’t a crossover in the world that doesn’t wish it looked like or felt like the Cayenne. A testament of luxury coupled in with great performance that makes it thee mid-sized SUV everyone wants.

The History

This car is a millennial model, and is an evolution of car buyer trends which have shifted where they have exhibited an affinity towards crossovers. This was a remarkable gamble for Porsche as the brand is well known for its coupes, torgas, convertibles and roadsters. Thus, if you said that Porsche was going to make a mid-size luxury SUV in the 90s it would have sounded implausible. There were many skeptics who thought that the car was wrong for the brand and would be disastrous. For an SUV there is one basic rule of thumb, you need performance and comfort. There is no dispute that Porsche could take care of the comfort quite easily, however aside from comfort they would have to pull up something special for performance. Porsche released the Cayenne in 2002, where the car eventually proved itself to be a great off-road navigator that had sports car like performance.

It’s worth noting that from inception the Cayenne shares its platform with the Volkswagen Touareg, however it only shares its frame, engine block and doors, while everything else is made in house by Porsche.

The Current Model

Debuting in the Geneva 2010 Motor Show the current Porsche Cayenne announced itself to the world. It was available from the dealerships later in 2011 and has been ever present since, with a little tweaks here and there. The current model is larger than its predecessor with a redesigned interior.

The Variants

These are the available variants of the Cayenne:

  • Cayenne
  • Cayenne S
  • Cayenne S E-Hybrid
  • Cayenne GTS
  • Cayenne Turbo
  • Cayenne Turbo S

The Powertrain

The base model of the Cayenne is powered by a 300 hp engine. If you need more power the S will give you 420 hp and the GTS that will take you to 440 hp. There is also a hybrid option for those who are a little more conscious about the environment. Churning out this power are either a V6, V8 or a VR6.

Porsche Cayenne

The Interior

Italian leather and styling makes this a case for luxury and comfort. The Cayenne’s cabin looks exquisite and has all the latest tech to keep you entertained and engaged.

The Exterior

This has to be one of my best looking SUVs. Taking a look at this SUV, it has the iconic fascia that every Porsche has. I think the real magic with this car’s exterior is how it makes this car look much smaller than it really is.

Our Verdict

Porsche have really outdone themselves here. When it comes to the auto industry, there are the ever evolving brands that seem to engage each new generation with auto delight. Porsche has managed to do this with exceeding success. It’s great to see a brand that isn’t afraid to try new things. Overall the luxury and the performance are worthy of the iconic Porsche badge. This is the biggest car in the Porsche roster and is one of the biggest source of pride for the German automaker.

To own one of this SUV, you need to start budgeting from $ 58,300.

The Cayenne has made its presence felt in its class, in fact all go as far as saying it’s the best mid-sized luxury SUV in the market. Do you agree with this statement, or do you strongly differ? Have your say, leave a comment.

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