Range Rover Evoque: The SUV That Belongs In The City

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

When it comes to SUVs their off road capabilities are always going to be lauded. This however doesn’t extend to their engineering aspects, where there are some who feel that they are impious to CO2 emissions. Apart from emissions some feel that they do not express effective engineering as they are oversized and retain their bulk more for show then for any engineering goals. The Range Rover Evoque is a conscientious approach by Land Rover to meet emission regulations while having a broader appeal to the urban community in a compact sized AWD SUV.

The Concept

The Range Rover Evoque has its genesis in the Land Rover LRX concept, which was unveiled on January 2008 at the North American International Auto Show. It kicked off production in 2011, and has received great reviews from the auto press. Also, it has been quite successful as it sold 88,000 units in its first year of production.

The Body Styles

The Range Rover Evoque comes in three body styles; regular 5 door, coupe and convertible (goes on sale mid 2016). I don’t know if a SUV convertible is the way to go. I don’t want to seem as a skeptic, however I can understand why you’d want a sun roof in your SUV, I am just not sure you’d prefer a convertible SUV. I mean what makes a SUV for me is that it feels somewhat like a castle where you put the walls up and you are safe. A convertible Porsche that makes sense, however a convertible SUV? Sounds like a convertible truck or minivan. Another chagrin I have is you buy an SUV because it’s roomy, where a convertible version will cost you in luggage space and visibility. However, I expect the convertible SUV to do well in the market considering they are targeting urban folks.

Off Road Capabilities

Though the Range Rover Evoque has been built with the urban community in mind don’t be fooled this SUV has some serious off road capabilities. It can cope with any kind of weather and terrain. Thus, you won’t feel out of place when you are on a dusty road or on a smooth asphalt terrain. The Evoque has an adaptive approach to the suspension known as Adaptive Dynamics system, which adjusts the car according to the terrain. Another great option is the SUV’s Hill Decent Control (HDC), which makes sure the car doesn’t accelerate downhill. Also, it has sensors to warn you of the current water depth, when you are wading through flooded areas.

Range Rover Evoque

The Engine

The Range Rover Evoque utilizes a 2 L four cylinder 240 hp turbocharged engine. The engine is able to churn out 250 lb-ft. In 2014, as part of the Evoque’s update the engine received ZF 9-speed auto transmission.


Taking a look outside you have alloy wheels, with full LED headlights and a redefined design that is quite easy to the eyes.

The Cabin

The interior is quite exquisite with twin-needle stitched leather, with an option of either aluminium or wood finish. The panorama roof is available as an option, which brings in natural light into the cabin. Also, you have the InControl Infotainment System that is inclusive of a 8” touchscreen, amongst other multimedia features.


To purchase an Evoque you must budget from $ 41,475.

The Evoque is a stellar SUV no doubt, but do you feel it should exist as a convertible? Leave a comment and have your say.

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