Subaru Forester: The Grown Up Crossover

Subaru Forester

A Subaru Forester has to be on the mind of anyone looking for an affordable and reliable crossover. If you are in the dark, a crossover is a car that receives its designing cues from a SUV and a station wagon or hatchback. Well, to be honest I wasn’t really taken away by the initial designs of crossovers. They just didn’t seem to be aesthetically pleasing or proportionate. Inexplicably burgeoning on the mid to rear while anorexic on the bonnet. However, today crossovers to be quite frank have developed to what seems like compact SUVs, as their similarities with regular passenger cars seems to have vanished.

The History

It first made an appearance in 1995 as a concept named “Streega.” Two years later in 97’ the Forester was available in Japan and later in 98’ it was available in the US. It shared its platform with the Impreza, which by the way it still does to date. However, though it was shared on the Impreza platform it assumed its own identity, most notably with a different engine. The initial Forester was and AWD and to date it retains this attribute.

The Current Model

The current Forester was minted out in 2012, where CVT and X Mode were the two main additions. It went on sale in Asia and the US in March 2013 for the 2014 model year. X Mode basically makes it possible for you to drive with ease over extreme weather conditions. It works by distributing equal torque over all the wheels, should any wheel start to slip.

Subaru Forester

The Variants

Here is a list of all the models you can expect from the Subaru Forester:

  • 5i Manual
  • 5i CVT
  • 5i Premium Manual
  • 5i Premium CVT
  • 5i Limited
  • 2.0XT Premium
  • 5i Touring
  • 2.0XT Touring

The Powertrain

Under the hood the Subaru Forester has a four cylinder for each car:

  • 2 L naturally aspirated
  • 5 L naturally aspirated
  • 2 L turbo
  • 5 L turbodiesel

With this engines you are able to gain from 170 hp to 250 hp. As for transmission you have a 6-speed manual or CVT to look forward to.

The Interior

Let me make it clear, “Subaru aren’t a cheap automotive company,” however they are a volume brand. Volume brand is where a business sell en masse and make low margins.  However, that aside their nuance in building luxury comfort is evidently well accomplished here. The revamped interior has coincided with the cars improved sales in its niche.

The Exterior

Well, crossovers have come a long way from polarizing bland designs to what we can consider as truly beautiful contemporary looks. The Subaru Forester kills it completely when it comes to looks, I just like the refined curvy looks it exudes in this model.

Our Verdict

Well, you know if you have ever had a sibling when you are young they are crazy as squirrels and then they grow up. Well, the Subaru Forester has grown up, which means that there are some attributes that have been curtailed to appeal to a wider audience. The biggest chagrin with this is the CVT which isn’t nearly as responsive enough to make it a fun ride. Notably, for the standard Forester you have the option to choose a 6-speed manual, sadly, this isn’t the same for the turbocharged 2.0XT. However, the silver lining in all this is that the car has made some tune ups where it has added better refinement in its cabin. Not quite the same however, still a great ride to have when you consider affordability.

To be one of the proud owners of a Subaru Forester, you’ll need to start budgeting from $ 22,395.

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