Toyota HiLux: The Most Reliable Truck

Toyota HiLux

Trucks have found their luster in recent years, where they have become as fashionable as they are practical. Their uses are varied you can pick up passengers, carry or tow heavy loads etc. When it comes to great trucks, there are few out there that deserve to be held in esteem, and Toyota HiLux is one of them. Toyota’s truck is known for its reliability and is found worldwide except in a couple of markets that include the US, India, South Korea, Canada, Japan and North Korea..

The History

Toyota’s Hilux has a very large history that goes all the way back to March 1968 where it began production. It was known as Hilux globally until 1976, where in North America its name was changed to the rather generic monikers:

  • Toyota Truck
  • Pickup Truck
  • Compact Truck

Later in 1995 the Hilux was replaced by the Toyota Tacoma in the North American market.

The Current Model

The current Hilux (AN120, AN130) is the eighth generation of the truck. It was released in Bangkok and Sydney simultaneously in 2015. After its official release the Toyota Hilux took another five months before it was seen on showrooms.

The Variants

Currently, Hilux offers a number of variants:

  • Single Cab
  • Extra Cab
  • Double Cab

Toyota HiLux

The Powertrain

Powering options of the Hilux are variants of four cylinder and a single V6. The least powerful engine is a 2.5L inline four cylinder diesel that churns out 102 hp with 200 N·m or 260 N·m of torque depending on transmission.  As for the most powerful four cylinder it is a 2.8L diesel that manages to produce 177 hp with 450 N·m of torque on auto transmission. As for the most powerful engine it is the 4L V6 petrol engine that gives out 278 hp and 376 N·m of torque. Depending on your engine you are able to get either 6-speed manual, 5-speed manual, 6-speed auto or 5-speed auto for transmission.

The Interior

Like with most trucks the HiLux is quite functional when it comes to its cabin. What would you expect from an interior built up of hard plastic? However, to be fair it does look good, but not at the same breadth of aesthetic delight like say a Volkswagen Amarok. A highlight of the new Hilux is that it’s a lot roomier than its predecessor.

The Exterior

The Hilux exudes what you’d expect in every good ute, masculinity, aggression and presence. The headlights in particular are much slimmer and exude a more contemporary design.

Our Verdict

The word that best describes the Hilux is reliability and dogged determination. This truck can take a lot of onerous tasks and still stand its own ground. As a testament of how reliable it is the Top Gear crew in the third season featured a 1988 N50 Hilux that had travelled 305,775 km. It was then put through some rigorous tasks which caused it serious structural damage. However, it kept on running after being repaired with a regular toolbox. This is the most reliable pickup there is, that is why militant groups like ISIS have purchased it in large volumes.

To be a proud owner of a Toyota Hilux you should start to think from £ 21,255.

The Toyota Hilux has class leading reliability there is no doubt it, but does its somewhat bland interior and un-SUV driving performance diminish its chances of being the class leader?

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