Volkswagen Golf: The Best Hatch Ever

Volkswagen Golf

Before I knew much about cars I thought the Volkswagen Beetle was the bestselling car from the German automaker. However, upon further research I discovered that honour is firmly rested on the Volkswagen Golf’s shoulders. It’s the second bestselling car model of all time while reaching 29 million units in 2012. It’s funny that the people’s car Volkswagen decided to name one of their cars with a not so people’s sport golf. This five door hatch is a class leader and should be considered by anyone serious about getting a compact sedan.

The History

VW started minting out the Golf in 1974 as a long term replacement for the Volkswagen Beetle. It was and is still being sold as the Volkswagen Rabbit in the United States and the Volkswagen Caribe in Mexico. Later, there were other releases for its variants like the Golf GTI “hot hatch” which was introduced in 1976 and the Volkswagen Jetta notchback saloon car in 1979.

The Current Model

Currently, Golf has reached its seventh generation which debuted in the Paris Motor Show 2012. The car is much larger than its predecessor but manages to shade off up to 100 kg from its predecessor.

Volkswagen Golf

The Variants

The Volkswagen Golf comes in two distinctive variations as either a 3-door and 5-door hatchback. It has a number of trims to choose from:

  • S
  • Match BlueMotion Edition
  • Match
  • Match Edition
  • BlueMotion
  • GT
  • GT Edition
  • R-Line
  • R-Line Edition

The Powertrain

Powering the GTI engines is a 217 hp four cylinder turbo, with the option of a performance pack that can raise its output all the way to 227 bhp. If you are going for the most powerful, pick the Golf R which is able to churn out 296 hp from its turbocharged four cylinder engine.

The Interior

There is nothing much to talk off when we take a look at the interior of the Golf. It features plastics that have been woven neatly with great metallic finishes. However, it’s quite clearly upmarket.

The Exterior

To be honest the Golf is a bit laidback as compared with the likes of the Mazda3, when it comes to its outside looks. Not too classy and not too classless somewhere in the middle. However, its cotemporary enough to make sure you don’t get strange looks whilst in traffic.

Our Verdict

This is the benchmark hatchback, most automakers compare their hatches performances to those of the Golf. Simply that should show how it’s held in reverence in the auto world. Yes, some of its rivals may have a better ride or better interior, however one thing you can be sure of they won’t completely outclass the Golf. It’s efficiency and reliability have endeared it to auto buyers everywhere for close to 40 years now. A car simply doesn’t do that unless it is special. With every new Golf you are assured to be getting a top notch automobile that will make sure you move around with ease. However, a spanner in the works for the Golf is it doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to look elsewhere for that.

If you are thinking of a Golf you should start to budget from $ 18,495.

Could the Golf be the greatest ever hatch according to history and volume or are there other models to be taken into consideration? Have your say, leave a comment.

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