Volkswagen Polo: Another Iconic Small Car From VW

Volkswagen Polo

When it comes to making small cars Volkswagen has to be a master of this craft. They made the most successful marketing campaign of the last century over a little car the Volkswagen Beetle. “Think Small” was the marketing genius that endeared a German car to post World War II America. Now fast forward to today. Small cars seem to be the bread and butter of Volkswagen, seems the more things change the more they stay the same. Volkswagen Polo is a bestselling super mini that has sold over 14 million units all over. It comes in two body styles as either a 3 or 5 door hatchback.

The History

The first Volkswagen Polo was minted out for the first time in 1975. It was a rebadged Audi50 and was designated as the Typ 86 together with the Audi50. This first generation Polo was in production all the way to 1981 and managed 500,000 units by 1979.

The Current Model

Currently, the Volkswagen Polo is in its fifth incarnation. It first made its debut at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show and was designated as the Typ 6R. It went on to win the European Car of the Year 2010.Followed by another win as the World Car of The Year at the New York International Auto Show 2010. There are other awards to its name that has made it to be deemed as one of the top superminis around.

After its initial launch in 2009 the Volkswagen Polo had a facelift in 2014 where it got the name Typ 6C. This Polo 6C came with a couple of subtle changes that included redesigned bumpers. As for the interior the touch screen is standard with an all new steering wheel.

The Variants

There are a number of variants for you to pick when choosing a brand new Polo:

  • Blue Motion
  • R-Line
  • SEL
  • SE Design
  • Match
  • SE
  • S A/C
  • S
  • BlueGT
  • GTI

The Powertrain

A couple of engines power the Polo here is their shortlist:

  • 2L straight 3 petrol engine producing either 70 PS or 75 PS
  • 2L turbo straight 4 petrol engine churning out 90 PS or 105 PS
  • 4L straight 4 petrol engine giving out 85 PS
  • 4L turbo straight 4 engine that produces 140 PS
  • 4L twincharger straight 4 petrol engine that gives out 180 PS
  • 6L straight 4 petrol engine that churns out 105 PS
  • 2L turbo straight 3 diesel engine that has 75 PS
  • 6L turbo straight 4 diesel engine either giving out 90 PS or 105 PS

Volkswagen Polo

The Interior

When compared to the styling accomplishments of its rivals the Polo looks a little bland. Air conditioning isn’t available as a standard and you’ll need to add a little extra to get it. With Android Auto and Apple CarPlay available, you won’t have a problem syncing your smartphone to your car.

The Exterior

The Polo’s exterior styling to be honest is a little bland to me. I’d like to see a little more aggression in its front fascia. However, it really isn’t a bad looking car, it just doesn’t have that “wow” effect.

Our Verdict

When it comes to driving experience the Ford Fiesta is much better. The main chagrin with the Polo is that its steering is a little stiff and doesn’t exhibit as much joy to drive as the Fiesta. When we go to styling the Renault Clio seems to be on top of the Polo. It seems the car has been whitewashed with the new arrivals of its competitors and is in serious danger of being outdated. The 2014 facelift did give us a little optimism, but it may be time for a newer model. However, all in all this is still a great supermini to have.

To get a new Polo, you’ll have to start to budget from £ 11,495.

The Polo was received with much fanfare and optimism, but has it lost its luster in recent years? Or is Polo still strutting it stuff? Have your say, leave a comment.

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